Events of the year 1953

Major Events of 1953

* Stalin dies

# Korean armistice

# France grants Laos independence

# Mossadegh ousted in Iran

# Rosenbergs executed

# Comet crashes

# Super Sabre introduced

# DC-7 introduced


NBA: Minneapolis Lakers vs. New Yorks Knicks Series: 4-3

NCAA Football: Maryland Record: 10-1-0

Heisman Trophy: John Lattner, notre dame, HB points: 1,850

Stanley Cup: Montreal Canadiens vs. Boston Bruins Series: 4-1

US Open Golf: Ben Hogan Score: 283 Course: Oakmont CC Location: Oakmont, PA

World Series: New York Yankees vs. Brooklyn Dodgers Series: 4-2

Academy Awards

Best Picture: "From Here to Eternity"

Best Director: Fred Zinnemann ... "From Here to Eternity"

Best Actor: William Holden ... "Stalag 17"

Best Actress: Audrey Hepburn ... "Roman Holiday"


1. The Robe

2. From Here to Eternity

3. Shane

4. How to Marry a Millionaire

5. Peter Pan

6. Hans Christian Anderson

7. House of Wax

8. Mogambo

9. Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

10. Moulin Rouge

Emmy Awards

Dramatic Awards: " U.S. Steel Hour" (ABC)

Situation Comedy " I Love Lucy: (CBS)

Variety Show: "Omnibus" (CBS)

New Show: "Make Room for Daddy" (ABC)
& "U.S. Steel Hour" (ABC)

Most Popular Television Shows

1. I Love Lucy (CBS)

2. Dragnet (NBC)

3. Arthur Godfrey's Talent Scouts (CBS)

4. You Bet Your Life (NBC)

5. The Milton Berle Show (NBC)

6. Arthur Godfrey and His Friends (CBS)

7. Ford Theatre (NBC)

8. The Jackie Gleason Show (CBS)

9. Fireside Theatre (NBC)

10. The Colgate Comedy Hour (NBC)

Pulitzer Prizes

Drama:William Inge..."Picnic"

Fiction: Ernest Hemingway...

"The Old Man and the Sea"

History:George Dangerfield...

"The Era of Good Feelings"

International Reporting:Austin Wehrwein...

"Milwaukee Journal"

National Reporting:Don Whitehead..."Associated Press"

Public Service"Whiteville (N.C.) News Repoter" &

"Tabor City (N.C.) Tribune"

Most Popular Books


1. " The Robe"...Lloyd C. Douglas. Houghton Mifflin

2."The Silver Chalice"... Thomas B. Costain. Doubleday

3."Desiree"...Annemarie Selinko. Morrow

4."Battle Cry"...Leon M. Uris. Putnam

5."From Here to Eternity"...James Jones. Scribner

6."The High and the Mighty"...Ernest K. Gann. Sloane

7."Beyond This Place"... A. J. Cronin. Little, Brown

8."Time and Time Again"...James Hilton. Little, Brown

9."Lord Vanity"...Samuel Shellabarger. Little, Brown

10. "The Unconquered"...Ben Ames Williams. Houghton Mifflin


1."The Holy Bible: Revised Standard Version"... Nelson

2."The Power of Positive Thinking"... Norman Vincent Peale.Prentice-Hall

3."Sexual Behavior in the Human Female"...Alfred C. Kinsey and others. Saunders

4."Angel Unaware"... Dale Evans Rogers. Revell

5."Life Is Worth Living"... Fulton J. Sheen. McGraw-Hill

6."A Man Called Peter"...Catherine Marshall. McGraw-Hill

7."This I Believe"... ed. by Edward P. Morgan; foreword by Edward R. Murrow. Simon & Schuster

8."The Greatest Faith Ever Known"...Fulton Oursler and G. A. 0. Armstrong. Doubleday

9."How to Play Your Best Golf"...Tommy Armour. Simon & Schuster

10. "A House Is Not a Home"...Polly Adler. Rinehart

Nobel Prizes


STAUDINGER, HERMANN, Germany, University of Freiburg im Breisgau and Staatliches Institut für makromolekulare Chemie (State Research Institute for Macromolecular Chemistry), Freiburg in Br., b. 1881, d. 1965:

"for his discoveries in the field of macromolecular chemistry"


CHURCHILL, Sir WINSTON LEONARD SPENCER, Great Britain, b. 1874, d. 1965:

"for his mastery of historical and biographical description as well as for brilliant oratory in defending exalted human values"


GEORGE CATLETT MARSHALL , General, President American Red Cross, ex-Secretary of State and of Defense, Delegate to the U.N., Originator of the Marshall Plan.

Physiology or Medicine

The prize was divided equally between:

KREBS, Sir HANS ADOLF, Great Britain, Sheffield University, b. 1900 (in Hildesheim, Germany), d. 1981:

"for his discovery of the citric acid cycle"; and

LIPMANN, FRITZ ALBERT, U.S.A., Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA, b. 1899 (in Koenigsberg, then Germany), d. 1986:

"for his discovery of co-enzyme A and its importance for intermediary metabolism"


ZERNIKE, FRITS (FREDERIK), the Netherlands, Groningen University, b. 1888, d. 1966:

"for his demonstration of the phase contrast method, especially for his invention of the phase contrast microscope"