Events of the year 1972

Major Events of 1972

* Summit meeting

# Arab terrorists murder 11 people at the Olympic games

# Britain takes direct control over Northern Ireland

# President Richard Nixon visits China

# SALT Agreement

# Congressman Ford is sworn in as Vice President

# Managua is leveled by an earthquake

Winners in Sports

NBA Champions: Los Angeles Lakers vs. New York Knicks, 4-1

NCAA Football Champs: USC, 12-0-0

Heisman Trophy Winner: Johnny Rodgers, Nebraska, Fl; 1,310 Points

Stanley Cup: Boston Bruins vs. New York Rangers, 4-2

Super Bowl VI: Dallas Cowboys vs. Miami Dolphins, 24-3

U.S. Open (Golf): Jack Nicklaus Score: 290 Course: Pebble Beach GL Location: Pebble Beach, CA

World Series: Oakland A's vs. Cincinnati Reds, 4-3

Music Top 10

1."American Pie" ... Don McLean

2."Let's Stay Together" ... Al Green

3."Without You" ... Nilsson

4."Heart of Gold" ... Neil Young

5."A Horse with No Name" ... America

6."The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face" ... Roberta Flack

7."Oh Girl" ... The Chi-Lites

8."I'll Take You There" ... The Staple Singers

9."Candy Man" ... Sammy Davis Jr.

10."Song Sung Blue" ... Neil Diamond

Most Popular Movies of 1972

1. The Godfather

2. Fiddler on the Roof

3. Diamonds Are Forever

4. What's Up, Doc?

5. Dirty Harry

6. The Last Picture Show

7. A Clockwork Orange

8. Cabaret

9. The Hospital

10. Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex

Most Popular Books


1."Jonathan Livingston Seagull" ... Richard Bach. Macmillan

2."August, 1914" ... Alexander Solzhenitsyn. Farrar, Straus & Giroux

3."The Odessa File" ... Frederick Forsyth. Viking

4."The Day of the Jackal" ... Frederick Forsyth. Viking

5."The Word" ... Irving Wallace. Simon & Schuster

6."The Winds of War" ... Herman Wouk. Little, Brown

7."Captains and the Kings" ... Taylor Caldwell. Doubleday

8."Two from Galilee" ... Marjorie Holmes. Revell

9."My Name Is Asher Lev" ... Chaim Potok. Knopf

10. "Semi-Tough" ... Dan Jenkins. Atheneum


1."The Living Bible" ... Kenneth Taylor. Doubleday

2."I'm O.K., You're O.K." ... Thomas Harris. Harper & Row

3."Open Marriage" ... Nena and George O'Neill. M. Evans

4."Harry S. Truman" ... Margaret Truman. Morrow

5."Dr. Atkins' Diet Revolution" ... Robert C. Atkins. McKay

6."Better Homes and Gardens Menu Cook Book" ... Meredith

7."The Peter Prescription" ... Laurence J. Peter. Morrow

8."A World Beyond" ... Ruth Montgomery. Coward, McCann & Geoghegan

9."Journey to Ixtlan" ... Carlos Castaneda. Simon & Schuster

10."Better Homes and Gardens Low-Calorie Desserts" ... Meredith

Most Popular Television Shows

1. All in the Family (CBS)

2. Sanford and Son (NBC)

3. Hawaii Five-O (CBS)

4. Maude (CBS)

5. Bridget Loves Bernie (CBS)

6. The NBC Sunday Mystery Movie (NBC)

7. The Mary Tyler Moore Show (CBS)

8. Gunsmoke (CBS)

9. The Wonderful World of Disney (NBC)

10. Ironside (NBC)