Changes in Contact & Deceased Lists

Since the beginning of, I have been maintaining the Contact & Deceased Lists in Excel spread sheets. This turned out to require a labor intensive manual process when changes needed to be made.

So, getting tired of this, I finally decided to brush up on my programming skills, (I hadn't done any programming outside of HTML coding itself since I retired), and do something about it.

I created a database and report generating system for these lists. The reporting part of the system can now generate the core data for the necessary web pages easily no matter how many records need to be added, deleted or changed.

I am extremely pleased with the results. Even counting the time for the actual records to be added, changed or deleted, etc.,(a very easy task now), all new pages can be created in 30-60 minutes, rather than the hours required if changes were extensive. (It was extremely tedious even for a few changes).

There are a total of 10 web pages combined for Contact and Deceased Lists. (You may click on the blue-underscored names to see these pages. When finished, close the new window or tab to return to this page)

The Class of 1958 Contacts and Deceased
The Class of 1960 Contacts and Deceased
All Classes sorted by last name for both Contacts and Deceased 
All Classes sorted by graduation year for both Contacts and Deceased
All New Additions for both Contacts and Deceased

I have received several files of a significant number of names to be added to the Deceased list, and so I expect to have them added in time for next week's update.

However, in the conversion process from the spread sheets, I appear to have lost a number of records. I have attempted to re-create these from old printed records, but there may be discrepancies. The affected records will be listed on the Contacts New Additions List with update dates of 04/14-15/2010. Also, I added a middle name field where before there was only first and last name fields. This may have caused some errors, since the lists are organized by last name, first name. In the case of the ladies, the last names are actually maiden names and are stored in the LastName field. This is the name by which most people will have known them, so their names will appear in the lists where one would expect them to be. It was not always possible to tell if a name was a middle name or a maiden name. Nicknames are stored as an add-on to which ever name it refers to, and the ladies husbands' names are added on to the maiden(last) name.

Three examples to make this a little clearer.

Mary (Midge) Ann Boggins Winthrop would be stored in the database as
FirstName:  Mary (Midge)
Middle Name:Ann
Last Name:  Boggins Winthrop

And her name would come after Bannister and before Brown

George William (Bill) Mayfield would be stored as
First Name: George
Middle Name:William (Bill)
Last Name:  Mayfield

And his name would come after Manning and before Nobles.

Samuel Hopewell (Hopeless) Brown would be stored as
First Name: Samuel
Middle Name:Hopewell (Hopeless)
Last Name:  Brown

And his name would come after Boggins and before Butler

The purpose of all of this explanation is so that if you find people not where you expected them to be, please let me hear from you. (Or any errors for that matter).

All records in the database are marked 'Private', except for few cases where people have specifically requested that they be made 'Public'. However, in reconstituting lost records, I was not able to determine all of the previous settings, and so they were made 'private' also. The significant difference between the two is that in the case of 'public', I send the email address directly to the person making the request whereas for 'private', I email the requester's address to the requestee and let them do as they wish with the request. (I do prefer that if a requestee does not wish to respond to the request, that they let me know.)

As I have explained before, I adopted this approach so that no email addresses would appear on the website where programs which search through websites (spambots) for email addresses to harvest for spam mailing lists could find them.

The new process of maintaining the data and creating the web pages will make it relatively easy for me to generate custom lists if they are required, such as for other Class Years, in addition to the current two.

An unrelated note. The Chat Room proved to be a failure so I have not been opening it. If two or more people would like to take advantage of it for special online get-togethers, let me know and I'll make it available at the preferred time.

A further unrelated note: I am pleased to say that I received sufficient funds from the early days to pay for the website for another year. I thank everyone who helped make that possible,so there will be no need for any fund-raising for this coming year which starts in August.

I thank you all for your patience and encouragement.

Nevertheless, more pictures and biographies would be greatly appreciated. Enquiring minds would like to hear about you.

David Wright

Email Webmaster