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To use the Forum Board, you must be registered.

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With the completion of the Upgrade of the Forum Message Board to version 3.0 of PhpBB, other procedures and linkages have been added as well as a number of detailed instructions on how to use it.

The link 'Message Forum' on the main menu now brings you to a screen identical to this one, but without this explanation, instead of going directly to the Forum itself as it did previously.

The first item, 'Forum Login showing Introduction' does go directly to the Forum as the old link did.

The second item, 'Forum Quick Access Map' gives you a way to go quickly and directly to specififed pages on the Forum for frequently accessed items without having to go through the tree of options which is the normal way to access such pages. The most useful pages are tagged with an '*'.

The third item, 'Forum Tutorials' takes you to a menu for linking to the entire procedural tutorials for performing individual tasks on the Forum.

The fourth item 'Forum Instructions' is a map similar to the Quick Access Map, but takes you to the individual pages of the detailed tutorials for the Forum, rather than the Forum itself.

The last item 'Contact Forum Members' is a link on how to setup contact with members of the Forum Board.

Forum Login showing Introduction
Forum Quick Access Map
Forum Tutorials
Forum Instructions Map
Contact Forum Members

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