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Things You Might Not Have Known

This is a new section. What I would like to see here are your descriptions of any events or items about individuals which occurred during our years at Brown, (or other schools[See Note 1]), that you may have experienced or learned that others might not be aware of.

John Upchurch sent me a copy of a book of poems that Mr. Warren had given him in December, 1958. I myself never knew any details of Mr. Warren's literary accomplishments and I was pleased to have this. Please note that this item just got me started thinking about this, but I don't expect most people to have more than a paragraph or two.
The first entry is a complete copy of Mr. Warren's book, Against The Furious Men, published in 1945.

You may submit any item of this type by emailing me at Administrator, and I'll post them on the site.

Note 1: I welcome items from people who went to any school. If there are sufficient entries, then I will create separate pages for the other schools.

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