There is a group from Brown High which meets the first Wednesday of the month at the Varsity for Lunch to refresh our friendships from the "OLE days." It's open to people from any class year. Anywhere from 20 to 60 people attend.

The meeting is upstairs in the room next to the top parking lot, starting about 11:00 AM. The meeting can last one hour or longer depending on what the conversation is for the day.

There is a fellow selling black and white drawings of elementary and high schools in the main lobby. You may be interested in seeing them.

Come to spend a relaxing day with old friends and bring any thing others will enjoy seeing. One of the fellows brought a 1929 copy of the Ga. Tech football game program. It was fun just looking to see how many of the advertisers were still in business. You would be surprised how many there were.

And of course, any Atlantan needs to eat at the Varsity at least once a month to grease the body and drink a coke or Orange drink. Then there are the fried peach and apple pies. Come join the fun.

Information provided by Martha Spink Woods (Brown 1958)