The Message Forum is a feature that has been a part of since its beginning. It is designed to allow the members of the Forum to carry on conversations with other members on any topic of their choosing. It functions much as does email conversations between people with the exception that a permanent record is kept of the conversation and other people may join in on the conversation at any point by posting responses to any other member's posts.

In an attempt to encourage the visitors to JBH to utilize this facility, I will be posting links to the latest posts on the Forum.

You do not have to be a member of the Forum to read these posts, but if you wish to join into the topics, you will have to register to become a member if you wish.

Click here to load the Main Forum Index.

At the top of the page you will see 'Register'. Use this to become a member. Send request to to receive Registration Code Word.

Links: James Hayes Oct 28   James Hayes Oct 29

Read all the posts in the thread*, or scroll down to the latest post. These posts are in the Forum called 'Introduce Yourself'. To return to the top of this Forum, click on the 'Introduce Yourself' link below the Forum Logo section.

One additional feature of the Forum is very useful. Any member can email any other member directly without having to know their email address. Note that each post has an email link in the right-hand panel.

* The computer terminology for a Forum conversation on a topic is called a 'thread'.