The Future of

This is to announce a new policy about and to make a special appeal.

As of the next Update, unless, there is an especially good thing that comes along, the Current Update Page will no longer carry any of the fairly trivial things such as "Events of the Year", nostalgic looks at the past, the kinds of things that I have been doing in the last year or so to fill out the site.

I will concentrate mostly on the items at the top of the Current Update Page,

"Make request to contact classmates"
"Latest additions/updates to Contact Lists"
"Trying to Locate These Unlisted People"
"Classmates Gone But Not Forgotten"
"Bulletin Board"

Special Requests, such as the one in today's update will continued to be listed as well as any other item of real interest.

This August will mark the 4th Anniversary of July is usually the time when I make a request for funds to continue the work.

Before I do that I wish to make a special appeal of another sort.

My vision for the website was a place where old friends could share information with others, the kind of thing that you might do when you sit down face to face after not having seen each other for many years. Who are we now? How did we get from there to now? Show photos of ourselves, our kids, grandkids, siblings, nieces and nephews, and even pets. What kind of work have we been doing for all these year? Does everyone else look as old as we do, have as many medical problems, and so on and so forth. What are our hobbies?

In the early days of the existence of the website, a number of people provided information of this type, but there has been virtually none since that time.

More than just providing financial support, I would like for everyone to commit to send me the kinds of things that you would like to share, photos, some of your history, what you are planning for the future, in other words, whatever you like others to know about you and how you journeyed from High School to now.

I can understand the reluctance of people who might not wish to share that kind of information on the internet. I respect that. Any personal information such as phone numbers, addresses or such will be edited so that you will not become a target for spammers or identity thieves.

Take a look at Classmates Information Ring for some of the kind of thing that I am looking for.

What about Reunions? So far, only a couple of classes have provided photos etc. about the reunions that they have had. Surely there is more out there!

It is true that the immediate circle of close friends we had during our days at Brown was fairly limited and perhaps we wouldn't normally think of sharing this kind of information outside of those circles, but I have noticed that, at reunions, people seemed to share a bond with everyone who was there, not just those of our immediate cirles.

I would like for you to thinks of this website as a big reunion of all the classes over the years. This is what I wish for to be.

Let me know what you think. You may email me at the address below.

Many thanks for your interest, patience and support.

David Wright
Contact me at this address.

p.s. Written material can be sent by regular mail or email. Photos can either be scanned or copies made at various stores. These can be sent by regular mail or email. If you don't have access to the above, mail the originals to me and I will copy them and return them to you.