You will have noticed by this time, that the appearance of has changed considerably.

Eventually, the entire website will have a similar appearance, but it will take some considerable amount of time as there are well over a thousand pages on the site.

I really like the new appearance, but appearance was not the main reason. The three panels on the main page gives equal importance to the three major aspects of the site,
   1) Navigating to the other sections of the site,
   2) showing whether or not any of the Contactd or Deceased lists have changed,and
   3) providing a place to add specific pages of importance, as they may come to light.

I have added a link to the Pictures for Remembering list and to the Classmates Information Ring because of the appeal I made on 04/13/2011 for items to be added to this page.

If I haven't converted the Classmates... page to the new format by the time of this update, I will be adding it before next week. All of the lines of text within the Yellow areas contain links to the pages which they describe. As you pass your cursor over these, you will note that the Arrow showing the position of the cursor changes to a Hand indicating an active link.

The two left panels are taken directly from the old main page. The third panel is the Special Features panel and is a new concept.

I hope that you enjoy the Made-over website.

David Wright Sr.
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