Note the seven buttons and the line of Year Titles:

  • The 'Go To Home' returns you to the Home Page.
  • The 'Go To Classes/Reunions' Returns you to the Main Reunions Page.
  • The 'Information Ring' takes you to the Classmates Information Ring, a page which contains updated information on our classmates
  • From the 'Alphabetical Class Listing' page, (sorted by last name or maiden name), the 'List by Graduation Year'
  • From the 'List by Graduation Year' page, (sorted by Class Graduation Year, and then alphabeticaly), the 'Alphabetic Class Listing' Button will take you to the 'Alphabetical Class Listing' page.
  • The 'Additions and Updates takes you to a list of recently added or updated names.
  • The 'Request Contact' Button takes you to a page for submitting a Request for Contact. Use the 'Contact Lists' Button on that page to return you these lists.
  • Clicking on the Year Titles below will take you to the Class listing for the selected year.
  • All of these buttons will appear on all Contact Pages, so you may freely move between pages.

To search for someone, Left-Click on the Browser's 'Edit' Tab --->'Find on this page', and type single names or type in an alphabetic letter and a minus sign. Then go through the list below the letter. Example 'J' & '-' together will take you to the first of the names starting with 'J'. When using full words, click on 'Next' if you don't find what you are looking for on the first try. Note: This procedure is for FireFox, it doesn't work with Internet Explorer. IE has a different procedure which I haven't been able to get working yet.

Blue names are members of the Forum and may be contacted directly by other Forum members.

(To join the Forum, you can request for me, at Administrator, to register you, or you can see Instructions for Registering here.)

If you have any additions or corrections to this list, please contact the Webmaster here.

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