Row 5: Jack Donehoo : Bobby Tidwell : Mrs. Walls : ?Bobby Malone : Bill Reynolds

Row 4: Steven Cowart : Alan Dean : James McCollum : Bobby Murphy : Bill Clonts

Row 3: Unknown : _ Johnson : Lewis (Steve?) Martin : John Cooper : Sammy Calloway : Douglas Sloan : Unknown : Jack Rudasill

Row 2: Tony Hunt : Tommy Clark : Joyce Byrd : Margaret Camp : Carol Wilson : Carolyn Lord : Unknown : Unknown

Row 1: Emily Brumbelow : Beverly Walden? : Myrna Wiggins : Mary Chamberlain

This is the 4th grade J.C. Harris picture of those people who graduated in 1957 from High School.

I would dearly love to have a complete set of elementary school pictures for this group, (and any other class), as I do for the Class of 1958. So if anyone still has copies of these, please scan them or get them on to a CD and send to me.

When I get a chance, I have a copy of the 1957 Laureate and will scan it and add it to the website as has been done already for the 58 and 60 classes.

Thanks to John Cooper for submitting this picture and making the first identifications. Thanks to Robert Tidwell for corrections. Also thanks to Myrna Wiggins for her additions.