Carolyn Rowland & Family

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After graduating from Brown High, I attended Georgia State University for a couple of years. I then met my husband, Buddy Lee. We dated a year, and were engaged for a year, then married in 1961. The 47 years have been great!!!

I worked for Trust Company of Georgia at that time. Ten years after Buddy and I were married we had a son, Cory. After Cory left for college, I decided that I wanted to go back to work, (I was a "stay-at-home Mom" during Cory's school years), so I went to work part-time for Chick-fil-A Corporate. I am still at Chick-fil-A, only a couple of days a week in the Marketing Department and love it. Buddy retired from the government as an Air Traffic Controller a few years ago, after 35 years of service. He stays busy with "projects".

Cory married a widow (Lisa) with two daughters, Melissa and Heather. Cory and Lisa have a little boy--Cody, who is 7 months old. We enjoy our grandchildren. They live 20 minutes away which is nice.

Buddy and I love to travel. The most beautiful place, I think, that we have been is Ireland and we would love to go there again. We are very involved in our church and enjoy doing things with our church friends. I still keep in touch with some of my high school "buddies", for they were a vital part of my growing up years. I'm glad we keep in touch, for they are still a vital part of my "golden" years!

I think the most fun we have now is keeping grandchildren--would any of us have thought all those years ago that we would be talking about grandchildren one day--but, we are there now and isn't it wonderful!!

Fifty years have come and gone and my sincere prayer is that we will all get together again soon. Lots and lots of great memories go with me back in time--thanks for everyone of them.

Carolyn graduated from Brown in 1958.

She has kindly donated some pictures to the 'When We Were Young' section, found here,