The Wright Family

Jennelou Earnhardt and David Wright both grew up in West End, in southwest Atlanta, Georgia. Jennelou went to Joel Chandler Harris Elementary, and David attended Frank L. Stanton Elementary. They both attended Joe Brown High School and graduated in the class of 1958.

Jennelou attended North Georgia College, Mercer University and Georgia State. Afterwards, she trained at Crawford Long and became a licensed X-Ray technician. She worked several years in Atlanta at various hospitals including Holy Family Hospital and headed the X-Ray and EKG departments for a prominent firm of 7 Atlanta doctors. David graduated from The University of the South at Sewanee, Tennessee with a degree in German and then spent three years in the U.S. Army where he learned Russian. After the Army, he taught both languages at Georgia State University.

At the 8th Brown High class reunion in 1966, Jennelou and David started dating and were married that Fall. They spent the first two years in Bloomington, Indiana where David was working on a Master's degree in Linguistics at Indiana University. Jennelou, because of her x-ray experience, was hired as the Executive Secretary of the Monroe County Tuberculosis Association in Bloomington, then later, as secretary to the Dean of the School of Library Science at Indiana University. Their first son, David Jr. was born in November of 1967 immediately prior to their return to Atlanta where David worked on a second Master's in Computer Science at Georgia Tech. During this time Jennelou worked for Retail Credit where she was actively involved in Retail Credit's testing and implementation of a new computer system. David and Jennelou's second son, John was born in July of 1969.

They lived two years in Exton, Pennsylvania when David worked for Burroughs Corporation and another two years in Columbia, Maryland where he worked for the Rouse Company. Leaving Maryland, they went to Phoenix, Arizona. During their three years there, Jennelou was President of the Parent-Teacher Association and home-schooled their two sons. David worked as a programmer for an electrical contractor and then for a company involved in developing pension plans for other companies. On returning to Dalton, Georgia, David taught computers at Dalton Junior College for three years. After a couple of years running his own company and then working in Chattanooga, David went to work for the Georgia State Department of Public Health at the District Office in Dalton and continued with them until his retirement. Jennelou worked several jobs, including Secretary/Receptionist to the President of a beverage distributor, and also implementing computer technology for inventory and fabrication for a machinery manufacturer for the carpet industry, before becoming a designer for a rug manufacturer in Dalton.

She was active in many community organizations, did substitute teaching in elementary and high schools and was active in Church work. She is no longer able to work due to health reasons. She continues with her art work, painting and doing embroidery, and has been in several shows with her work. Some of her recent work, including embroidered icons, may be seen here. She also loves gardening and has landscaped their home (and their neighbors).

They have lived in Chatsworth, Georgia, 13 miles east of Dalton since the 'great blizzard' of '93

David retired July 1, 2006 from the Georgia Department of Public Health with 21 years service. He is enjoying his time at home with Jennelou, writing articles, several of which have been published in The Heinlein Journal and in ETC, the journal of the Institute of General Semantics, doing a couple of other projects and occasionally helping some friends in cleaning their PCs from spyware and viruses.

The Orthodox Church

In 1982 Jennelou was received into the Orthodox Church in America. David Jr. and John followed shortly thereafter and David Sr. was received about a year later. Following Orthodox practice, they took new names, at time of reception into the church, Theodora(Jennelou), Paul(David Sr.), Constantine(David Jr.) and Matthew(John). Jennelou and David Sr. currently attend church at Our Lady, Joy of All Who Sorrow Orthodox Church in Cumming, Georgia. David-Constantine and David Sr. are both tonsured(ordained) readers.


David-Constantine received his Bachelor's from Sewanee. He did some graduate work at Vanderbilt University and then went to seminary at Saint Vladimir's Orthodox Seminary not far from New York city and received his Master's in Divinity from there. He did postgraduate work at UGA working towards a Master's in Religion and taught Latin at High School in Orangeburg, S.C. during the 1998-99 school year. He returned to Athens in May of 1999 and began teaching in August at Towers High School and Peachtree Middle School in DeKalb County. He then spent a year in Felton, CA before moving back to Athens, GA where he now lives permanently and is employed full-time by the Library of The University of Georgia. He will complete his Master's in Library Science in 2012. He is a member of St. Philothea Parish in Athens of the Greek Orthodox Diocese of Atlanta.

David Constantine and Sara Eve Rountree of Roswell, GA. were married at St. Mary of Egypt Orthodox Church on May 29, 2011. Ms. Rountree received an associate's degree in business administration from Georgia Perimeter College. She is employed as an account retention specialist by GE Money.


John received his Bachelor's from Berry College in Rome, Georgia and his Master of Fine Arts from The University of Georgia. He taught Drama at Westridge, a private girls' school in Pasadena California, for three years. He lived at home in Chatsworth for a year while working for Chattanooga's Channel 3 television and then for WBLJ radio in Dalton. He also worked as a substitute teacher for local schools during the 1998-99 school year. He was awarded a teaching assistantship at LSU and received his Ph.D in November 2006.

He and Mona Suzanne May of Baton Rouge were married February 14, 2003. She was a teacher in a parochial school there, They moved to Wisconsin in late July/August 2004 where he is University Theatre Director and Associate Professor of Communication Arts at the Freshman/Sophomore campus of the University of Wisconsin in Manitowac, Wisconsin. He represents the Manitowoc Campus on the University of Wisconsin Senate. He has now been appointed as Associate Dean for Campus Affairs.

Mona is now Lecturer in English at UW-Manitowoc.

In 2009, John & Mona adopted a daughter, Charity Angel Wright.