Edited text and pictures From Classmates.com profile. Used by permission of David Holiman.


In 1971 I bought a duplex in Corpus Christi. In 1984 I added a 3rd apartment.

In 1978 my best friend Gayle Marechal(Agnes Cotton, Mark Twain) and his wife returned to S.A. In 2003 they have retired from teaching and moved to Portland, OR.

I retired in Dec 2003 at age 62.

After graduation from St. Mary's University in 1964, I spent 2 years in the Navy (Viet Nam China Sea) and 29 years in the U.S. Merchant Marine.

In 1996 I retired from the sea with a small pension. I became a tutor in a Houston private school. I was a part time instructor from 1996 to 2006.


Jan 1950 Laurel Heights home/attend Travis for 3A (Mrs. Campbell)

Aug 1950 attend Agnes Cotton for 4B-4A-5B (Mrs. Sadler, Mrs. Whitley, Mrs. Dodict, Principal Elsie Jordt)

1952-53 Travis Elementary (Mrs. Holcomb, Mrs.Hayes, Mrs. Guy Rogers, Mrs. Foster, Ms. Forsyth, Principal Martha Ragsdale)

1953-55 Mark Twain Jr. School (Mrs. Hendrickson, Powers, Henderson, Coach Frazier, Principal C.L.Sowell, Mr. Ruby, Mr. Moses)

Jan 1956 Piedmont CA/attend Piedmont H.S. for 10B

1956-57 Oakland CA/attend Oakland Tech for 10A-11B-11A

1957 Brown High School, Atlanta GA for 12B.

1958 Dallas TX/attend North Dallas H.S. for 12A

1958-61 San Antonio College

1961-64 St. Mary's University Workplace

1964-1966 US Navy & Viet Nam veteran

1966-1996 Merchant Marine

1996-2006: Tutoring part-time in a private school in Houston. Spent one week per month at Corpus homestead.

Sept 2006 - Sept 2007 I spend 3 weeks per month at Corpus home and 1 week per month in Houston.

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