After graduation I attended North Georgia College earning a commission as a Second Lieutenant. I married Carolyn Denman from Ringgold in June of 1963 (after her graduation). I went to flight school and became a helicopter pilot and immediately went to Viet Nam for the first of two tours. On October 4th 1966, I was in my first of three helicopter crashes and found out that Scott Alan had made his arrival into the world at approximately the same time. After a twenty year career in the military, I retired in December 1982 and returned to Atlanta. I was in the insurance business with my Dad in East Point until we sold the agency in 1991. I spent the next six and a half years working as a field representative for an insurance rating software company. In 1993, I married Sharon Collen and moved to the North Georgia Mountains. I am currently semi-retired but still work with insurance, rapidly seeking the title of Fully Retired!