I'm Glenda Taylor Gibson Byers.

The day after graduation I started to work for Nabisco on Murphy Avenue in their accounting department. Eight months later I married on Valentines Day. Single again in 1963 I married for the second time in 1965. When I was expecting my first child (Melisa - born in 1967) I quit work and became a stay at home mother.

In 1970 my second child Jeff was born. I stayed at home for 12 years doing the usual things - Girl Scout Troop, PTA etc. until I was offered a job with the school system working with children that were at least two grade levels below average. I enjoyed this until my children's father decided he needed "space". This was right after our home was struck by lightening and burned. Maybe he thought someone was trying to tell him something!

I needed to get a job to support my children so I decided to go back to school. I had to take my SAT's after all these years in order to get into a college but Brown had prepared me well. I got in with flying colors - even after all those years.

I attended West Georgia, Georgia State and finally got my degree in Computer Science at Kennesaw in 1985. I made the Dean's List every quarter. I think you try harder when you are older.

After graduation I worked for Federal Home Loan Bank, RJR Nabisco in their International and Domestic Benefits Department, Interstate Johnson Lane, (IPO Department) and ended up at Murata Electronics. I'm still there after 18 years. I'm the Benefits Administrator for the company and it is not a popular job because I'm the one that decides what benefits the company will offer and what they will cost the employees.

I've been lucky to be able to travel out of the country a few times. I visited David and Nancy Kennedy when they lived in Hawaii. I traveled to England, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, France and Germany. I've also visited the Bahamas.

I had two children Melisa and Jeffrey.

Melisa is married to a wonderful man we call R.A. and they have two children Griffin and Brooks. Griffin is 6 and about to go into first grade. Brooks will be 2 in September. He was adopted and we got him when he was 1 day old. He was born in Savannah, GA and is Korean. We found out when he was 7 months old he is blind and nothing can be done to correct the problem. He is doing great and Melisa believes that by the time he is able to drive science will have invented something to help him see.

I lost my son Jeff in a car accident in September 1991. He was 21. That is something that I hope none of the rest of you will experience.

I still have not retired. I guess I am paying for all those years I was a stay at home mother. My company doesn't have a retirement plan and I will have to survive on Social Security. When I do retire I am looking forward to spending time with by grandsons and maybe travel some with the gentleman (Jimmy Anderson) I've been seeing for the past 19 years.

I look forward to seeing all of you at the next reunion and maybe by then I will have retired. I sure hope so!