My parents were living on Lucile Ave in West End in 1942 when I was born. I can remember riding the street car from Lucille Ave in 1945 to get my Tonsils out in 1945. I would go with my dad every Saturday to West End on a shopping trip. I remember Blacks, a live chicken shop between Ashby and Lee St. My dad would pick out a caged chicken, the man would chop the chicken's head off and throw it into a machine that defeathered it. This was amazing to me. We later move to Richland Rd about a mile from Brown High school. My brother went there as well and graduated in 1955. My aunt lived on Peeples St right beside the Wren's Nest. There was an alley that seperated her back yard from the Wren's Nest back yard. Her place always looked like a castle to me.I remember I was still 12 when I started 8th grade at Brown and should have still been able to get into the Gordon Theater for a childs price. But the ticket taker knew I was in high school and wouldn't let me in on a childs ticket. I had to pay full adult price.

I hadn't thought about high school and Brown for many years. Then I got a call and emails from Norman Wnuk and it got me thinking in that direction. Norman was a good high school friend of mind, who was also my neighbor. I was kind of a little guy, skinny, and by hanging out with Norman, others would leave me alone. I graduated from Brown in 1960 and studied electronics for two years. My best friend was going into the IBM computer field and I decided to go with him. After two years of school, I went to work for The Atlanta Army Depot in their computer department. I worked in the same building with Jimmy Anchors father in 1964. After a year I left the Army Depot and went to work for Georgia Highway Express, Atlanta Ga, as a computer operator and after two years a computer programmer. I stayed with them for 30 years. I worked with Beckie Burnett, formally Beckie Weathers, Nickie Weathers cousin. The truckline division was sold and I went to work for Omni Information Systems Morrow Ga. for 3 years as a AS/400 RPG Programmer. Omni moved to Texas so I went to work for one of their customers, Burnham Transportation, College Park, Ga., as a AS/400 RPG programmer. Burnham went under after 14 months and I went to work for WestPoint Stevens, Valley Al for 6 years. This was a textile manufactoring programming position and like all textiles, my job went to China. I retired at 64 and here I sit, keying in this email. About my marriages; I married Linda Kirk in 1972. I was introduced to her by Cindy Terry, Marylin Terry's sister. We we married 14 years and had two boys. I remarried in 1988 to Cheryl Ruff and it has been the best thing that ever happened to me. Cheryl is still working and is a nurse at Crawford Long Hospital in Labor and Delivery. We lived in Jonesboro for many years then moved to Fayetteville for about ten years, then Sharpsburg for 10 years, now Newnan for a year. I met my present wife through New Hope Baptist Chruch and we still attend New Hope South in Senioa, Ga. I have one stepson, Jim Ruff, who is an electrician. My oldest boy, Chris is a 1st Lt in the U.S.M.C., just returned from his 2nd tour to Iraq, and my youngest boy is in heating and air in Florida. Me being such a nerd in highschool is really paying off now that I am older. I am probably in better shape than any of my old classmates. On second thought, I bet Frank West and Tommy McCook are in better shape than myself. I spend my Summer days at our community pool, talking to all the young ladies while their husbands work. I think I am their father image. The other love of my life is Molly, our Golden Retriever. I am with her 24/7/365 and we couldn't be any closer.

I live in Camden Village Dr. Newnan, Ga. 30265

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