Every page in the 'Classmates Information Ring' section is either an Index Page or a Picture Page. (It's called that even though, like this one, it may contain only text). (In this section, about half of the Picture Pages contain only text, See Below.)

An Index Page normally shows, (See exceptions below), a group of thumbnail pictures, which can be clicked on to open a new page at a lower level. The newly opened page will be a Picture Page.

Every page, Picture Page or Index Page, except for the 'Classmates Information Ring' itself, is linked to every other page on that level.

If the page is an Index Page, then buttons with the commands Go To Next Index and Go To Previous Index are available to move forward and backwards. In addition, Index Pages contain a 'See Pictures Index' command to allow you to skip any text and view the pictures index directly. They also have a 'Go To Top' command button below the text to return you to the command level.

If the page is a Picture Page, then buttons with the commands Go To Next Picture and Go To Previous Picture are available to move forward and backwards.

All pages, Index or Picture, link in a loop,(or Ring), so that the last one links to the first on that level and the last to the first.

When navigating through Picture Pages, it should be noted that all of the picture pages on the level below a specific Index Page are linked, so, although they start at the page which was selected from that index, going from one to the next or vice versa will pass through each of the picture pages, even though the thumbnail in the Index Page above the page that is showing points to a specific group and will change as movement goes forwards or backwards. Eventually, if you follow all of the links, you will return to the initial starting point having visited every page at that level.

Each picture page contains information as to which index item points to it, and as control passes from one group to the next, the command to go to the next level above will be shown with a blue background. This indicates either the first page in the sequence or the last. This allows you to choose to look at only the pictures at that level for a specific Index item and return to the Index Page above when done.

In a few cases, an Index Page has no Pictures Pages below it, so to maintain the separation of levels, those pages will indicate which level you are on and, will contain additional buttons allowing the page to be considered as either an Index or as a Picture, by showing the commands, respectively, Go to Picture Level or Go To Index Level which allow the page to be switched from being an Index Page or vice versa to being a Picture Page.

If it is acting as an Index, then the command buttons, Go to Next Index and Go to Previous Index will show, whereas when it is acting as a Picture, then those buttons will say Go to Next Picture or Go to Previous Picture.

A page on each level will contain buttons allowing a return to any level in the chain which leads down to it, the top level, being Go To Home.