To all 1961 Southwest Alumni
A group of SWHS alumni are gathering names and emails for our graduating class. We have some from the last reunion..but need to update and see who is interested in getting together in June 2011.
Send any contact information to and I'll pass it on.
The Southwest High class of 1960 needs help contacting these people for their 50th reunion being held in 2010
Gary George Brown, Barry Turner Cheatham, Michael Herman Cole, William (Billy)Louis Cole III, William (Billy)Simeon Conner, William David Eastling, Roy Simpson Eubanks Jr, Walter Ed Haralson, Robert Larry Henderson, Edward(Eddie)Webster Holland III, Jerry Idars Hunter,Walter Thomas Jones, Alexander(Al)Healy Jordan III, Jerry Milton Kennedy, Richard Lee King, John Byron Marler, Bruce Alden McKinley, Robert Raymond Mithell, David (Nicky)Nichols Moore, Edward Franklin Morgan,Jerry Eugene Phillips,Thomas Edwin Quinn,Robert(Bobby)John Schilp, Gerald(Jerry), Norman Sharon, William Allen Still, Charles M. Vickery Jr, William Reily Spradling, Wylie(Ken)Kennon White, Henry Gauntt Wood and Michael Flynn Wright.
Jerilyn Gay(Jerrie)Anderson, Judith Annette Austin, Joan Christine Austin, Carol Katrina Bolch Killmeier, Susan Renee Brown,Mary Francis Campbell,Patricia Jane Chastain, Alice Delores Duncan,Marilyn Joe Eades, Harriet Jan Harris, Marianne Cecelia Fluehr, Judith Ann Higginbotham, Elizabeth Ann Hooper, Melba Jean McCune, Linda Metcalf, Pricilla Jane Moore,Mary Jane Nash, Penelope Breedlove Otten, Martha Curtis Parris,Linda Ann Pharr,Linda Marie Recher, Sandra Jo Rogers, Sandra Edith Snead, Donna Lucille Spears, and Beverly Elaine Tyson.
I've searched for the women since 2006. Anyone remembering a married name might help.
Please help with locating these missing classmates so they won't be left out of the big 50th.