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Class of 1959

Linda Elaine Goss Passed away on January 8.1990. Death was due to cancer. She was in the class of 1959 but left Brown after the 11th grade. Married to Brown graduate John Cochran (He finished a few years ahead of her) Linda finished the 12th grade at Hoke Smith while John was overseas. I believe she finished in 1963. Her last and best marriage (as her sister said) was to Bob Rothberg. He passed away in 1988. Linda had no children. She was buried in Greensboro, Georgia

This is what I have come up with. Any additional info of corrections I will let you know. This came from her sister, Margaret Goss who finished at Brown some time after 1963 I believe.

Robert Perry

Note: If you have any information with respect to dates of death or other information about these people, or know of people not listed here, please, contact me here.

I have incorporated the Brown High portion of the list maintained by Gary Jerald (Brown 1969) for Brown, Southwest and Sylvan into the list here. My thanks to Robert Davenport (Brown 1951) and Betty Harbin Gunnin (Southwest 1955) for forwarding this list to me.