This section is intended to be filled with pictures and reminiscences of the days 'When We Were Young'. The first section shows an old newspaper clipping from my mother's scrapbook showing the Civil Air Patrol championship drill team that I was part of during those days. I don't recall the exact years, but the team won State championships for a couple of years and finally won Regional and got a chance to compete at National in that little square in front of the statue in Rockefeller Center. We didn't win. I seem to recall that New York won it that year, but we had a great time in the Big Apple.

The second section shows these beautiful pictures which I found while surfing the net. This is part of the Atlanta that we grew up in. I remember being there when they dedicated the park across from the Kimball House. Now they are all gone, Kimball House, park and Peachtree Arcade.

Additional sections have been added to show things that people said during those days as well as events from various years. New years will be added as time goes on.

People have begun to share their photos of those days, I certainly hope that more people will be able to share their memories and photos with the rest of us.

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