February 10, 2008

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       The monthly newsletter for all our friends

I guess everyone can see for themselves which name was chosen by the readers.I want to 
   THANK   each and everyone who cast their   vote online
    There were actually   614  votes cast.
It is with sincere sorrow that we announce the passing of Betty Hendricks.
     Wife of Troyce Hendricks Brown class of 1958
   James Ricks  I don't know what class but he attender Brown High School
DAVIS, Robert ROBERT (Bob/R.E.) DAVIS , of Lake Lanier, Cumming, GA passed away on February 3, 2008 at St. Joseph's Hospital.. A lifetime resident of the Atlanta area, Bob attended Boys High and graduated from Brown High. He attended Emory University before entering flight training with the U.S. Air Force

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Tell us what was your favorite Drug Store Soda Fountain that you visited for treats after school   such as that special cherry coke, lime sour, or maybe a malt, or perhaps just an ice cream.
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     Hi, everyone ! From Larry Melvin and family....formerly of Sylvan Hills now living in Baltimore Maryland for 45 years, keep in touch.

Jim Freck (known as Jimmy) while at Sylvan.  I attended Ragsdale from 1947(Kindergarten Mrs. Cain) to 1955 (7th Grade Mrs. Puckett & Mrs. Fain).Graduated Sylvan Hills High School class of 1960.   Would love to hear from any of my old classmates and rehash the very good ole days. [Email Address Removed]
     David Wright has added a new feature to his Joe Brown Website
A New Section has been added to the Class of 1958 - 50th Reunion Page. It is called 'When We Were Young' and is intended for written remembrances and/or photos of events during our Brown days. As usual, if you have items or photos to add to this section, please contact webmaster@joebrownhigh.org

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Danielle Moore McNeely has contributed some names and corrections to the Picture of The Week. These included Barbara Haynes, Danielle herself, her husband David McNeely, Carlene Lester and corrected my spelling of Jerald Hill's name. My many thanks to her.

I am embarrassed to say that I mis-identified Carlene Lester's picture as that of my own wife, Jennelou.

Notice also the real-time date and time at the bottom of the Home page.

David Wright Sr.

      Dental Certificates   Pulling Candy   and   I D TAGS
 My name is Cynthia Craven I was in the class of 1960, as I was reading that article in last months newsletter  about growing up and living in West End it brought many memories when ,he mentioned these things.
    I remember that we had to have a dental certificate upon start of school each Fall, it meant going to the Dentist during the Summer for the check up, for me it meant a trip to Dr. Bergers torture chamber..
      And I guess we all remember the pulling candy sales at our grammar schools, we sold tickets for pulling candy as a fund raiser, it came in vanilla,chocolate,strawberry and maybe another flavor or two but I don't remember.The man in his article  said that all the area dentists loved the pulling candy because of all the sugar to promote cavaties.
      I remember that during the 1940s and early 50s we were issued I D tags to wear with   name, address and religious preferance stamped in a little metal tag, this was due to the  threat of nuclear blast.and every Wednesday at noon the big siren on the school roof would sound for a minute or so.
       And the paper drives, do you remember how we used to save papers and go around the neighborhoods collecting papers so our class might win the prize for the most papers collected.   Thanks for allowing us to recall all these wonderful memories.
Does anybody remember Dr. Bergers torture chamber in the 1940s ???

Here is a picture of Mrs. Carnes 7th. grade class at J.C.Harris--- in 1953 would be High School class of 1958.
     Can anyone identify any of the people in this picture? 
      This picture is courtesy of David Wrights  Joe Brown website
Row 1:Charles Grosskurth, David Cowart, James Delay, (Unknown), Donnie Vickery, Bobby Stroud, Allan Johnson, Johnny McGinnis
Row 2: (Unknown), Barbara Buffington, Charlene Jones, (Unknown),Marlene Bell, Jane Collins, Linda Brown, Carole (Buff) Artope, Carol Lewis, Estelle Hopkins, Helen??,
Row 3: (Unknown), Herbert Bailey, (Unknown), Bobby Stroup, (Unknown), Johnny Warlick, (Unknown), (Unknown), (Unknown), Bill Dean, Charles Tatum
Row 4: Mrs. Carnes, Teacher, (Unknown), (Unknown), (Unknown), Pat Harper, Bette Rhodes, (Unknown), Susan Johnson, (Unknown), Marge Eddy
I am Al McCain and I graduated from Sylvan in 1958.  My brother, Pete McCain, went to Brown. I recently discovered this newsletter, and enjoy it.  I would like to hear from anyone who remembers me.
Please contact Charles Toney (aka "Chuck") at
[Email Address Removed].
if you know how to contact any of these folks.
Sylvan Class of 1959 Golden Orphanage: Lost Classmates
Bender Carpenter, Susan Susan Elizabeth
Bryant Hendricks, Beverly Beverly Ann
Camp, Bill William Pool
Carter Davis, Wynell Barbara Wynell
Cobb Smith, Laverne Nina Laverne
Cranford Wright, Betty Betty Louise
Cunningham Clifford, Sharon Sharon Elaine
Donaldson Springer, Sue Sarah Ann
Dopson Swindle, Peggy Peggy Sue
Farrar, George George Zachary
Hawkins Ginn, Mattie Mattie Lois
Henry, Jane Jane Elizabeth
Huddleston Cook, Ann
Huey, Jack Jack Hugh
Huff, Norman Norman E
Johnson, Jimmy
Martin, Judy Judith Kathryn
Peal, Sandy
Rose Spinks, Laura Laura Pearl
Settle Fuller, Judy Judith Elaine
Webb, Bill Billy Joe
Woelford Finfrock, Suzanne
Sylvan 1959 Contact Information R3 080110 B 22
This is incredible! What a great New Years surprise to get this newsletter. I could not be more proud of where and when I grew up- THE SOUTHSIDE!!!!!! The best side of town in the 50’s & 60’s. I am so glad to be added to this newsletter and hopefully we can all reconnect through this. I stay in touch with my Southwest class of ’67 but it will be nice to hear from friends from Brown, Sylvan and Therrell as well as others classes of SW.
Thanks so much,
Danny Berry – dberry44@bellsouth.net.
Hi, my name is Sandra (Warren) Roberts-class of 1964-Brown High. I caught up with one of my classmates this weekend at a family birthday party. We exchanged memories and he made me aware of your newsletter. He said most of our class is gone due to many in Vietnam war. I would be very interested to hear from any of my friends during those years if interested. My e-mail address is forhisglory@windstream.net. My sister, mother and I went to the Westend area last summer and I was astonished at the changes. It was hard to find our old house as the streets have all been changed. Many bars on doors and windows and kinda creepy. We can still hold on to good memories, however with the good old days when we walked to school (safely) and met friends along the way.
Thank you for keeping the memories going.
Merry Christmas.
God's richest blessings to you..
   http://z.about.com/d/webclipart/1/0/8/B/angel4.gif - 4.1 K http://z.about.com/d/webclipart/1/0/A/B/angel3.gif - 4.1 K http://z.about.com/d/webclipart/1/0/8/B/angel4.gif - 4.1 K http://z.about.com/d/webclipart/1/0/A/B/angel3.gif - 4.1 K
Everyone Have a Happy New Year! from Larry Melvin and family.... formerly of Sylvin Hills now living in Baltimore Maryland for 45 years. Keep in touch

This brought back so many great memories. Does anyone remember the Miss Georgia Ice Cream Parlor on Lee Street? I just remember walking in this open air store bare footed with the old ceiling fans running and ordering a spinning wheel. Thanks so much for providing this for all of us that grew up is Southwest Atlanta.
Jan Whelchel RichardsonSW Class of 1970
My name is Cheryl McMullan Linch. I went to Brown High School 3 years 8th through tenth grade and
then finished at D. M. Therrell High School in 1966. I am so glad to see this web site. I really miss the wonderful friends made at Brown High School. Where are they today. I don't remember how I found your sight but I am glad to have found it. Brown has such history behind it and I hope you can share any of the history of Brown from the it's beginning. I came across a huge sight a few years ago and copied all of it. It was a lot of information. I'm sure I have it still but will have to look it up You may have been the one that sent it. But think that I was just looking for any information about it when I came across it. It was incredible and I am so proud to have spent those three years there. My question for you is: In looking through the mail letters today I came across one:
Donna Boyd Cates
Graduated in 1966 from Brown High School
I knew her from my years at Brown and also the church we both attendedHow can we get in touch with her because she did not leave a web site!! What can you do?
Please reply:Cheryl McMullan Linch
[Email Address Removed]
Moreland, Georgia Than to all who are involved in this web site
;. Keep them coming
                                         heart7 heart7
Hey, this is Cathy Taylor Curbow (married/divorced, Jamie Curbow from Southwest High). I went to Brown High School from 1964 - 1969. We lived on Westwood Avenue at one time. The Vaughan family (a lot of kids too) lived just up the street. Also the Kane (more kids) family lived on Rogers Avenue
I had a lot of brothers and sisters that went to Brown too. Does anyone remember Linda Taylor, Peggy Taylor, Wayne Taylor, Ronnie Taylor, or Charlie Taylor or Becky Taylor? They are all 3 - 7 yrs older than me except Becky.
I remember that Tommy Roe (the singer) was in one of their grades at Brown.
What ever happened to Tommy Roe?
It's good to connect with some West End folks that remember John A. White pool & Oakland City (green) pool, teachers Mr. Kennedy & Mr. Clark at Brown.
                                                  hearts rose hugme