April 07, 2008

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                  IT'S SPRINGTIME
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 Three Dandelions
James (Jimmy) Archer) Southwest class of 1954 passed away
 Monday  March 10 2008
Mrs Clymer long time 7th grade teacher at E.L.Connally died in
    Janurary     90+ years old.

I got a notice that Paul Adams a graduate of Brown High passed away Thursday March 19 2008.
    Don't know which class or the age of Paul.

Mildred Anne Pendley, age 81 of Decatur, GA died March 10, 2008.
And Elaine Buice 

Miss Anne Pendley was our music teacher in the 1950's who taught recorders for third grade. She was also the string instrument teacher/citywide orchestra as Mr. Lee was band.
She rotated through the SW Elementary Schools one day a week Adair, Perkerson, Capitol View, Ragsdale, Sylvan Hills, and was the force that managed to arrange for us to attend the Atlanta Symphony School Concerts. Miss Pendley was a kind, patient, and lovely lady who fostered music appreciation in her students.

Hugh Henderson, who operated Henderson's Market at Cascade and Beecher died  in Februrary, He was 81
Elinor Self Turner (57 class BHS) sent some names to identify some of the Peeples St. students in this picture.Miss Russells class  1946
First row - Richard Wilson, Jean Walker?, don't know, Roslyn Knight, don't know the last two.
2nd Row - Jo Day, don't know,  Parijean Pinyon ?, don't know the next 3, Shirley Stinchcomb, Steve Shaw?
3rd Row - Don't know, Jimmy Carroll, Sibyl Baeszler, don't know next 3, Elinor Self , Jerry Linton
4th row- don't know first two, Ray Tuck?, don't know, Charles King, Margaret?
   Can anyone add more?
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      The people from Ragsdale Elementary School are wanting to pass the word along about their upcoming homecoming for all the years between early 1940s thru the 1950s. If you attended Ragsdale at any time or if you have relatives who attended Ragsdale you are invited to attend their homecoming.
       Contact the organizers at       ragsdale.homecoming@yahoo.com
     several more updates will be e mailed to anyone who is interested.
   This is for Danny Berry  :
           You sure brought the memory to life talking about all the things pertaining to the Southside. So I think I have a few to add.
           You mentioned the Adams Park gym and Mrs. Gamandannis but how about the Rec. basketball league at the Gym?    Swimming at Adams Park pool and having to wade thru that "Mystery Water" before we could enter the pool.  Sneaking in and going to the Fort McPherson gym yo play basketball and use the trampoline there. Do you remember Pardners Steak House on Campbellton just across from Wingos, Hutchisons hut BBQ and that wonderful cooked banana pudding that they made there.  ,Swimming at Meadowbrook Club,    Doc Snyders, Thrill Hill, "pegged Levis" McKees Beat", Those legendary Sunday afternoon football games at John A. White, the colorful Jantzen T Shirts that we wore , The best flat top haircuts around at Mr. kings barber Shop on Sewell, Medlocks Drug Store, Parties at the Adams Park Community Bldg.     Taking people to scare them (especially girls) out to the old stone prison on Fairburn Rd. This is all that comes to mind right now, but I feel sure that someone can come up with more.
   And I am Harold Stevens
                            Since you mentioned "Pardners" I found this ad.
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I'm Terecia McGuire Belcher, I attended Brown High 10th - 12th, grad 1966, My sister was 2 years younger Cathy McGuire, she was on the drill team when it was formed. They wore cute short blue jumper's with white oxford cloth shirts and white boots. I am trying to find Mike Mobley who lived down the block, I lived on Azalia St,. I would also like to find Mike Smith who went to Sylvan and dated my cousin Linda Ritcherson of Headland High.

I haven't lived in Atlanta for over 33 years but still have fond memories.
The Brown High School Class of 1958 will celebrate its 50th reunion on Saturday, July 19,2008 and a casual, all-day catered event has been planned.
The following is a summary of the  information sent out in a letter to all known addressees by the reunion committee to help you to make plans to attend: (If you have not received the letter, a full copy in pdf format is downloadable from https://joebrownhigh.org/Files/Reunion58_50.pdf If you have any questions or problems about this download, please contact webmaster@joebrownhigh.org)
DATE:              Saturday, July 19, 2008  TIME: 10:00 a.m. -10 p.m.
PLACE:            Red Top Mountain State Park and Lodge located on Lake Allatoona. We will be in Group Shelter #1.
COST:             $40.00 per person. This cost includes light hors d'oeuvres served from 11:30 a.m. until 1:30 p.m., soft drinks included. Dinner will be served at 6:00 p.m. Music (our era!) for dancing will be provided after dinner.
DRINKS:           You may bring beer and other alcoholic beverages; however, State Park rules prohibit alcoholic drinks anywhere except the Park Lodge and the air conditioned Group Shelter in which we will be all day.
Gloria Steadman Gordon
4778 Garrett Drive
Mableton, GA 30126

TELEPHONE: (770) 941-3519
Email: gordon4778@comcast.net
Juanita Albritton
Betty Ashmore
Phyllis Butler
David Cowart
Larry Crowe
Lynda Rowan
Cyrus Wayne Dunn
Clarence Edmondson
Glenda Hampton
Judy Kidd
Ronnie McMullin
Carole Roberson
Steve Shaw
L.B. Stanford
Charlotte Stevens
Clara Stokes
If you have information regarding of any of these classmates please contact us.
Thank you for sending over the news letter.  I am one of the younger ones to
add ot the mix of natives....and I do mean Native.  I was born in the old St.
Joseph Hospital in 1960.  One of seven children to live on Avon Ave. from early
1960's to late 1960's.  My oldest brother Tim Bagwell attended Brown and then
we moved to Loganville in 1970.  Just wondering if anyone from my age group
would be around now.  My name is Danita and I attended both Arkwright and
then Ragsdale.  We lived at 1409 Avon right on the dead end from Kennelworth.
Mark Williams and Debra Horton are a few that come to mind.  Some others
were the Banks brothers, Wayne and I don't remember the other one.  They
weren't my age.  Then there was Johnny Dumas (Black guy). 
I would really like to see what ever happened to Mark (Roudy) Williamson.  He
played the drums...alot LOL
I have another brother named Mike Bagwell who may have also attended Brown.
Anyway...thanks and let me know if anyone rings a bell.
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Hi, I am interested in getting in touch with old school friends.  I went to George W. Adair, then to Sylvan High, graduating in 1964.  Anyone from this era, please email me at angiew46@yahoo.com. I lived at 711 Brookline Street, close to G.W. Adair school, also close to Jeffrey Agnew.
Someone from Adair posted a picture of Mrs Denham's class at Adair and list of kids.  I especially want to hear from that person.  I think I can add some of the names, and I'd like to contact some. This brings back memories!
 This was posted on the West Enders newsletter                                  
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"This is a picture of Mrs Denham's 6th grade class at Adair School. Some students went to Sylvan and some went to Brown. I went to George W. Adair School from 1952-1959. Then to Sylvan Hills High School and graduated in 1964. Does anyone remember the Adair Park area? "
First row: ?; George-from France; ?;Donald ?; Van ?; Patrick ?
2nd row: Tilly; Beverly Jackson; ?; Jeffrey Agnew; ?; ?; ?; Jackie McIntyre
3rd row: Cynthia Mulkey; Eileen Sellars; Kay ?; ?; Sue Wilson; Angela Smith; ?; Mrs Denham
4th row: ?; Van; Frank Murphy; Bobby ?; Gregory Ashworth; ?; Gary ?
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Andy Vickery Brown class of 1965 is a trial Lawer living in Houston Texas,Sends best wishes for the new year and also sends a hello to everyone who remembers him from Brown....Here is his work website where you can see more about Andy.   www.justiceseekers.com
I really enjoyed reading this  past month's newsletter! Even if we
don't know the person writing, we all have the memories of west end in
common! Although I am not familiar with the dentist mentioned, that
of the dental operatory is a real prize! I have worked in dental
offices for 45 years now. Never seen one quite like that one! However,
I started cleaning teeth in 1972, I had a belt driven  handpiece  like
that one . The first day I did a prophy, I placed a tissue too close
the belt driven handpiece and the belt caught the tissue and it cost
the dentist a hundred bucks to fix it!!  Also, the old belt used to
catch my "nurse's' hat we used to wear. After having many bouts with
belt, I decided to forego the hat !  I remember one day I was cleaning
the office and added Pine Sol to the empty vacuum system to make it
smell fresh. The next day, the dentist turned on the vacuum system and
started to work on a patient. As the vacuum began to fill with the
suction water ,bubbles formed and the vacuum system had to be
replaced! Boy, what a way to start a career!I worked there  9
years[until the
dentist died] He was a real jewel! Never gave up on me![Dr Ralph
Jackson: East Point, Ga.]  _____ On another thing, to answer Cathy
Taylor. I
went to Brown with Peggy Taylor. We see each other at funerals
occasianally! She is one of the sweetest people I have ever met!!
You're very
lucky! Also went to Brown with Tommy Roe[He was 2 years ahead of me]
used to come to our parties and sing and play the guitar. He was
terrific! Someone told me he was married and lived on Lake Lanier. I
'm not
sure about that.
  Thanks for sharing with us all! God bless you and yours!!  Shirley
Hester Barronton

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My name is Virginia "Ginger" Huff Bryan, Sylvan class of '59. I remember Miss Georgia on Lee Street when I was in grammer school at Ragsdale. A group of friends and I formed a little club and once a week we would pool our money and go to Miss Georgia for a spinning wheel. Thick milkshakes were a real treat then. Now we long for the thinner ones! Keep up the newsletter, I love it!!

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