July 07, 2008

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Thanks for the Newsletter.

Attached is the Obit for Catherine Spears Brannon a 1950 Brown HS Graduate. Catherine lived on Evans Drive across from the Lee St. Fort Mac entrance. She played the Clarinet in the Brown HS Band. I spoke with her early this year and we brought each other up to date on our lives  over the past 55+ years. She was truly a sweet person and will be sorely missed by all who knew her.

Tommy Todd BHS '

 I am saddened to announce that Bill Clonts (Brown High Class of '57) died Sunday June 22 of a massive heart attack.

Bill was a wonder husband, father, grandfather and brother. I was blessed to have such a brother-in-law.

Jim Hinson
Brown High class of '58 
. Mack "Jim" Jones, Jr., 61 of Griffin,  died July 1, 2008. A graduate of  Joe E. Brown High School in 1965, Jim served in the United States Army. He was also the owner and operator of the Riverdale Dairy Queen for 37 years. He is survived by his wife  wife Fran 

                                Looking for Classmates

           In response to Marty Spink's request for information
    on classmates:  Mysister, Barbara Eloise Skinner, passed away several
years back. Her husband,Robert H. Strickland passed away 2 weeks after her
death with a heartattack.  I hope you can relay this information to the
people needing it.

Genevieve Skinner Slate
Class of '64


Catherine Brannon

Watkinsville - Catherine Spears Brannon, 74, of Watkinsville, died Tuesday, May 27, 2008.
Born in Fulton County, she was the daughter of Ruth Black Spears of Watkinsville and the late Clyde Spears. She was the widow of A. Frank Brannon and was preceded in death by a son, Robert Brannon. Mrs. Brannon was a member of Prince Avenue Baptist Church since 1960 where she taught Sunday School and was a member of XYZ. She worked in banking for 40 years, retiring from C & S Bank..
 This From Marilyn.
Wow folks, I am gonna just have to toot our own bugle a bit here....plus share the credit with David Wrightt and his Joe Brown website.
        Last Janurary Buddy Campbell posted a looking for a friend notice in our newsletter for a person who Buddy had not seen in 50 years or so,    David posted the newsletter on his web site, and in turn ....last month the Son of Carla Jo (Davis) Stubbs saw Buddys notice and called his Mom and told her that someone was trying to locate her, but it doesn't stop here, Carlas son located Buddy thru the nerwsletter and called him and his Mom and Buddy got hooked up by long distance.
         Thank you David for helping make this possible.

I think everyone needs a good chuckle from time to time.  So I want you to turn up your sound..and click here:     
 Congratulations to ALL the 1958 classes from the various schools
      It has been 50 years.
The  Sylvan Class of 1958 will celebrate its 50-year reunion on July 12 at the Atlanta Hilton Northeast in Norcross. Thanks.
Pat Brannon    

 And congratulations to ALL the Brown High class of 1958.
        Having their 50th reunion July 19th at Red Top Mtn State Park.
  This one goes back to our days of reading those Comic Books


   Which Comic book character attended   Riverdale High ?   

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I loved the newsletter! So many wonderful memories shared! I am still trying to find out if anyone knows where Freddy Gurr is and if he is well. I saw the picture in the newsletter sent in by Sue Beighleu. I wondered if, possibly , she knows how to get in touch with Freddy. He was a wonderful friend to me in High School, but I haven't seen him in over 40 years! Thanks so much. Also, I would like to say "Hello" to Vivian Frisbee! She was very sweet. It is still a mystery about Tommy Roe. Man, he was sooo cool,wasn't he?Sometimes, I'll be at work and hear his song, "Dizzy" on the radio..It always tickles me and I think back at the fun times when we were all acting crazy! Our children and grandchildren can't understand how we had so much fun way back then. I guess you just had to be there!! Thanks again for the beautiful walk down memory lane! And thanks to the girls for all their hard work putting this newsletter together for all of us to enjoy! Bye  and Love to all!
Shirley Hester Barronton
   You can e mail:   [Email Address Removed]
                      REMEMBER  S & H GREEN STAMPS
        Raymond  Burrells 6th. grade class picture from Peeples St.School
 In Response to Paula Johnson Spicer

Just want to say that Miss Georgia, home of the "spinning wheel" was my first job where I received a paycheck. I think it was .25 cents an hour plus tips. The manager was a Mr. Plunkett. Next to Miss Georgia was Matthews Tires (I took the job at Miss Georgia so I could buy tires for my car - $30.00 apiece for re-caps.) Behind the two businesses was a large open field where I played baseball - great memories.

Glenn Martin

Ragsdale, '52-'60






                                                              Remember .5 cent Coca Colas
   This is L:eah Moores 2nd grade class at J.C.Harris elementary- 1938
Although I attended Southwest,(1967) I was always envious of the blue/gray colors, rebel flag and rebel yell of Brown High school.
 There was nothing prejudice about it, I was just proud to be a southerner, WestEnd and Cascade heights was a great place to be a kid, Who remembers Mr, Litsey's (sp) dance
studio? and Pilgreen's  and of course Cheney and Grady stadiums? Fun times .
Jeannie Schweck
  Southwest High School
 emember the Christmas tree with that colored wheel shining light on it.
Reading all these notes about the local "haunts", i.e., Cotton's, Steagers, etc., puts me in mind of Cascade Pharmacy at the corner of Cascade and Gordon Sts. Remember Doc Maddox and Doc Cummings? The penny candy case, the soda fountain? Those were real sodas, too. The drug stores back then didn't carry groceries and all the other things they do now.
I wish my grandchildren could have memories like we all do instead of shootings, locker searches, no recess and too much homework.
Ginger Huff Bryan
I.N. Ragsdale and Sylvan '59
 Remember "reel to reel tape recorders
Hello, I enjoy reading the West End newsletter, even tho I never lived in West End or surrounding areas it means a lot to a native Atlantan like myself to hear all the memories of growing up anywhere in my hometown.I grew up in the Morningside area and attended Henry Grady High school, but I had several relatives who lived and grew up in your area and I keep looking to see if some day I will read a message in the newsletter from one of them.We had our favorite places where we used to gather after school also, and places like Mooneys Lake where we went to swim, our favorite Drug Store soda fountain was Taylors Drugs, we loved the Piedmont Drive in theater,as well as going to the Fox on date nights.And we loved to go dance our "special" Atlanta dance at Mooneys pavillion.
and thanks for all the memories that you bring up.
Billie (Maxwell) Pope
Blue Ridge Ga.

member thkate key that we used to wear on a string around our neck




This is the greatest newsletter.  Thank you for adding me to your list.  My name was Gayle Trollinger and I graduated from Southwest high in 1962 and also went to Ragsdale.  Those days were the best of time.  nothing compares.  I knew a lot of people from Brown because my Grandmother lived on Matheson Place off Lucille Ave.  Lots of memories.  I lived on Lanvale Dr off of Avon Ave.  I now live in Loganville Ga.  Thanks again for this GREAT
Gayle Trollinger Stanton 



And Penny Candy

Hello thanks for sending me your newsletter. I am Nancy (East)Butterfield. My sister Frances East and I went to Southwest. I graduated in 1959 and moved to Germany with my family where we lived for three years. I was married there to a military officer and we spent 37 years together. We divorced in 1998. I have three grown children and 7 grandchildren. I live in Yorktown VA. where I have been since 1979. I raised,trained and showed dogs for 35 years then opened a retail shop. I sold gifts,books,jewelry, music,etc. I did get to the Atlanta Gift Show a couple times a year. One trip I visited with my good high school friend Martha (Little) Langston and got caught up on old friends. I closed my shop 3 years ago and now enjoy freedom of a schedule but still stay very busy. Looking forward to seeing everyone in Atlanta next summer.
til then Nancy B



Hello Everyone,
I'm Jim Hill, Southwest 1964, I live in Marietta and have been in real estate development and construction for 40 years. It's good to hear from anyone from Southwest, Brown, Therell, Sylvan or West Fulton. Everything has certainly changed since the 60's on the Southside but we all remember when it was a wonderful place to grow up and live.
                         Jimmy Browns 4th grade J.C. Harris class    1955
                        I GUESS WE ALL OWNED A BROWNIE CAMERA

Hello everyone, I am Patricia Turner Powell,

I attended Brown High . So many memories when

I read this newsletter I am reminded of a


place of so many of us when we were teens living in West End.I     'm

 speaking of Sweetwater Creek where we

used to

 go on afternoons after school and swim and enjoy having a beach party with our friends. 



And here is a picture that David Wright sent showing those rapids that we used tube down st Sweetwater.


I lived on Dill Avenue and went to Sylvan Hills Elementary.  Graduated in 1959 from Sylvan High School where in my senior year I received the annual Sandpaper Award for being the roughest guy on our football team.   For those who knew him, my foster brother, Grady Burge, Brown-Sylvan 1951, passed away last year.  His wife, Pam Taylor, who grew up on Dill Avenue and also went to Brown High, died year before last (both of them too young to go). I just published my first novel (better late than never) --- itĘs called Dirty Billy and itĘs set in 1954 in the neighborhood around the intersection of Sylvan Road and Dill Avenue, part Sylvan Hills, part Capitol View, part West End.  For the person who asked about the West End Theatre, one of the sequences in the book is about the Black Shirts, who used to charge little kids a nickel for safe passage to the theatre.  Other sequences take place in the old Sylvan Theater, which went dark in about 1954. I also just published a collection of short stories, Here and There, Now and Then, which has a couple of tales from Atlanta.  You can read samples from both books at my literary/commentary blog, From the Left Bank of the Potomac, at   Let me know what you think by emailing me at [Email Address Removed]