September 19, 2008

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 A reader told us that Wayne Hamby a friend and reader
is undergoimg chemotherapy since all our readers are good friends lets wish Wayne the best and keep him in our thoughts.
     Wayne attended Sylvan High School





Thank you  BRENDA
    I will see you in November.



Would you please put this list of people in your newsletter that we are looking for that would have graduated from high school in 1961. They can contact Brenda Bowman Shepherd or Dianne Bowman Turner in regard to the information for the reunion. [Email Address Removed](They may be contacted through the Contact Names Listings)
James Clark, Charles Bishop, Carol Bowman, James Aikens, Guerry McWhorter, Mack Cobb, Donnie Hardwick, Ronald Hynson, Jim Karvelas, Luther Kelly, Rodnery Palmer, Walt Rucker, Johnny Morone, Charles Hamby, Charles Crow, Sandra Eastling, Jimmy Roland, Vicky Stephens, Richard Stephens, Linda Tarrant, Eddie McMullen, Darlene Wright, Judy Wilbanks, Ralph Albernathy, Majorie Tomlin, Barbara Carver, Paula McGee, Margaret Evans.
The reunion is November 8th - Cost $10.00 per person.
Thanks for your help
Dianne Bowman Turner
 This Picture was sent by Bettijo Rhoades who was married to mike palmer before his death. For thosee of us who remember Mike will
 recognize him sitting 1st. row 3rd.from right.sitting
Boy did this last issue bring back memories. Crackers baseball, all night gospel sings at the auditorium. Pilgreens was a special occasion and  Woody Willow???I had my 8th birthday there and George Propes gave me a Woody Willow doll on my 9th birthday. I still have the doll and my great grand kids think he is very funny looking and they can't believe we had t.v. when I was a kid. I am sorry our grand children won't have the wonderful memories we have. I guess we just have to put things in perspective and hope they will have wonderful things to remember and I guess in time their kids and grand kids will think they are funny too.Someone asked me if I would change anything in my life and I have to say "No"..Not that every thing has been perfect, because it hasn't but because if I changed anything it would alter the course my life has taken and I cannot think of one single person who has come in and out of my life that I would not have wanted to meet and love. Thanks for the news letter. It is a joy every month.  J

jane Braselton Peek,
Sylvan Class 0f '58
           Hi Gail, I read each and every newsletter with great interest and appreciation
for all you are doing to keep we WestEnders linked.
I am a 6th generation Atlantan now living in Florida.  My father was born on White Street in West End, his father was a City of Atlanta police officer at that time.  In fact, he was on the force for 30 years.  My dad also when to Brown High when it was a Junior High School.  In fact, Mr. Martin was the principal then and was the principal for my first two years of high school as well.  My dad would tell about his high school years and imitate Mr. Martin saying that when he and his friends were taken to the office for acting up, Mr. Martin would say, "You boys give Brown Hiiiiigggghhh  a black eyyyyyye." and drag his words out.  Some of the same teachers he had were still at Brown High when I attended.  My uncle and a cousin also attended Brown High, so you can see my roots are deep in Brown High and West End.  I am attaching a picture of my uncle's class, which was made around 1932-33 and a listing of the names of the people in the picture.
Thank you, Gail, for all you do to keep us all connected.
Anna Jean Gaissert
Class of 1959

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Does anybody remember the Wren's Nest Festivals every spring (1960s-early 1970s) at the home of Joel Chandler Harris in West End?  A Wren's Nest queen and her court were crowned, and elementary school groups entertained with square dances, bands, and orchestra performances.  I remember being dressed in white and yellow, and a large group from Arkwright Elementary perforrf the Sicilian Tarentella along with some round and square dances.  My sister was in the queen's court and carried flowers one year. 
We grew up on Westmont Road within walking distance of the front gates of Fort McPherson and the McDonald's that opened in 1960.  I went to kindergarten at Venetian Hills Elementary, but Preston Stanley Arkwright opened around 1956 and I attended there the next seven years.  It was during first grade at Arkwright with Mrs. Dorothy Rucker that I decided to become a teacher.  My first teaching assignment after completing Georgia State - fifth grade at Arkwright Elementary!  I'm still teaching after thirty-six years.
I'm Jean Hubbs Cotton, graduating from Southwest in 1968.  My sisters, now living in Dallas, TX, are Ruth Hubbs Gonzales and Sue Hubbs Goforth.  My cousin Janice Waters Black grew up nearby and went to Brown High.  It's great to see the names in this newsletter and to be reminded of the simpler life when we didn't know just how nice we had it. 

 - 8.9 K         

     wonder what year this was??











Coca-Cola HQ on Spring St***Biltmore Hotel on Spring St***Fox Theater on Peachtree St ***

Lenox Sq. before covered mall***Underground Atlanta-W.D.Crowley`s, Dante`s Down the Hatch,

Ruby Reds &Zero Mile Marker***Piggly-Wiggly*** Trampoline Center on Sylvan Rd ***Nalley

Chevrolet*** Panola Park ***Stone Mountain***Big Chicken in Marietta ***Kennesaw Mtn

Battlefield***Grady & Cheney Stadiums***Morrison`s Cafeteria at Airport***Yellow River Dragstrip

***Senoia Racetrack***Boomershine Pontiac***John Smith Chevrolet***Trader Eng`s***Rock Hill

In Jonesboro ***`63 ½ Mustang***`64 GTO***Datsun 240Z***Corvette 427/435***Rusty Scupper

In Marietta***Baby Doe`s***Mortimer`s***York Steakhouse at the mall***TV test pattern and

National Anthem when signing off at night***Channels 2,5,11& 17 and rabbit ears*** Woody Willow, Officer Don**Palladin in Have

Gun, Will Travel***Gunsmoke with Matt Dillon, Chester and Miss Kitty***American Bandstand with

Dick Clark***Hippies on Peachtree St ***Northwest Orient Ads on radio when you were waking up for

School***Smokey and the Bandit filming in Jonesboro ***Original Chick-fil-A in Hapeville in 1946***

Chick-fil-A at Greenbrier Mall in early `60`s***Ellman`s Jewelers***Big Coke Sign in Downtown

Atlanta***Wooddruff Park in Five Points***Eastern Airlines***Southern Airlines***PATCO***

Coach Copley at Sylvan***Mrs.Mayhand and her junky room at Sylvan***8 Track tapes***Harold`s

BBQ near Federal Pen***Dean`s BBQ in Jonesboro***Brown High summer driver training school at

West End Baptist parking lot***Sylvan Hills Baptist Big Tent after fire***50 cent Taffy at Capitol View

Elementary***Lake Spivey being closed by the Spivey`s because the government tried to get Negroes the

Right to go there***Old South Restaurant & Bottle Shop***Cookies baking at Nabisco while we were at

School…uummm** Going to Gordons Foods for a huge bag of broken potato chipos in a greasy bag for a nickel.

***Sylvan Bears Den outside cafeteria***South Expressway opened in 1956***GEX***

Atlanta Terminal Train Station & Atlanta Union Train Station where the Federal Courthouse and The Omni

Old Parking decks are today***West End Krispy Kreme Store*** West View Cemetery ***Putt-Putt on

Delowe Drive***Tara Plantation in Jonesboro ***A&W Root Beer on Riverdale Rd. across from Blue Lights*** Ida Cason Callaway Gardens *** Treasure Island ***Richway***Coal Delivery to your house to

Run the furnace***Mathis Milk Delivery to your house***Circus Playhouse Pizza & Arcade at Arrowhead

***Showbiz Pizza & Arcade at Southlake***Starlight Drive-In 6 on Moreland Ave. ***South Expressway Airport where Clayton County Courthouse is now***Air Raid Drill at Capitol View Elementery was to go to first floor hallway and sit against wall***Air Raid Roadtrip to Jonesboro, GA and then return on buses

***Old Hickory BBQ***Thrill Hill at Therrell High School-Run the Stop sign and see how far down the hill you could land your car***Misty Waters in Decatur***Ford Plant in Hapeville***GM Plant in Lakewood***Evans Toyota

***Davidson`s***Woolworth`s***Grant`s--colored lights in the fountain at Hurt Park, Shrine Circus at the City Auditorium, Clovers,Platters,Ray Charles concerts at City Auditorium,





This picture is Mrs. Stephenson's Fourth and Fifth grade class at Margaret Fain Elementary 1955-56




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   Look at the prices on this Woolworths Menu





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    This is the remaning part of Jennelou Earnhardt Wrights' Reflection.And the Brown class of 1958 50th. reunion.


 Growing up when and where we did was delightful, We shopped and lived life in these neighboods
filled with churches of all kinds, grocery stores, doctors and dentists,
dime stores, everything within walking distance including parks and
swimming pools and horse back riding and if it were a little futher than
you could walk everyone had bikes.  We were born and buried in those
neighboods.  It made for being in a rather large family being that
everyone knew everyone so our class has gotten back together often even
when we have to travel a good ways to do so.  We have lost a few along the
way as you do in traveling lifes road.  We remembered them and they were
with us though not here.  Reckon I have rambled enough but wanted to let
you all know that if you get an invite to your reunion you go!  Memories,
good and bad, flow under that bridge and mix into the world that is the
sea and that sea of life makes all even out. Yep, a 50th reunion is not
something to miss.
Jennelou  Earnhardt Wright

I'm Nancy Steadman Thompson and I grew up on Oak Street.  I remember going down to Fire Station # 7 on the corner of Oak and Whitehall and watching the trainees jumping out of the 4th story windows.  It was an awesome experience for a little kid.  It saddens me now that the City of Atlanta has closed it.  Hope they find the funds to reopen it.
My Dad worked at Hardy's Market.  It was on Lee Street until it was torn down so I-20 could go thru.  They moved across the street to the corner of Lee and Oak.  When I'm on I-20, I still look for the sign on the back of the store.
Another of my favorite memories was riding the #10 bus to the Fox Theatre.  I always wanted to slide down the banister there but never did.  That is, until I took a tour of the Theatre just a few years ago.  I lagged behind as the tour went through the lobby and finally got to fulfill my wish.  Guess I got less inhibited as I got older!
I'd love to hear from anyone from the Brown Class of '61.  E-mail me at [Email Address Removed](This person may be contacted through the Contact Names Listings)

George Rose from Sylvan class of 1957 sednt his memos of
 growing up in Atlanta which I'm sure that we all shared too.


  I grew up during the forties and fifties, living on Stewart Avenue, which was then U.S. 41. My parents built the first tourist court on Atlanta’s south side in 1934. The Oaks Tourist Court was sold in 1957 when I-75 was opened and all the tourists started to use it instead. Unfortunately, the court later became a brothel as the once proud Stewart Avenue began to deteriorate. So, lets start remembering places and things on the south side and move downtown in no particular order or structure.

There were frequent, mandatory Sunday afternoon drives to Candler Field, now Hartsfield International, to watch the planes land and take off. Having real pit cooked barbecue, next door, at Mobley’s.
Candler Field- prior to becoming Hartsfield Intl
There. Inside the terminal Uncle Remus sat on a cotton bale greeting visitors to the Dogwood Room restaurant. Ward’s pool hall was across the street. The Georgia Baptist Children’s home was just around the corner, in Hapeville, and the grounds were alive with children at play hoping to be adopted. There were military convoys and the Goat Man on 41 Highway and we experienced the wartime rationing of gas, sugar, meat, tires and shoes.

  World War II Ration Stamps
The tests for air raid blackouts sent chills up the spine of a 4-year-old boy. Hudson Hornets were racing each other every Sunday at Lakewood Speedway. The Lakewood Airport, with two dirt runways, was where the Goodyear blimp would tie up and daredevil bi-planes and Piper Cubs ruled the sky.
The Great Southeastern Fair arrived each September with its corndogs, cotton candy, and candied apples. The exhibit buildings overflowed with fruits, vegetables, flowers, livestock and poultry. We would slip in after school, go home for supper and then slip in again staying until midnight
Joey Chitwood Daredevil Drivers at
Southeastern Fair.

  Summer nights were spent having a “Spinning Wheel” milkshake at a Miss Georgia dairy bar or maybe a “Scarlet Nectar” at a Rexall soda fountain. Hand made cherry and vanilla Cokes, bottled Cokes with added peanuts, lime Ricky’s and root beer floats were available at the corner drugstore and a quart of hand packed ice cream weighed about 3 pounds. We bought poultry, live from a shop with sawdust on the floor in West End and seafood at Wentzel’s in Mobile...Just thought I’d throw Wentzel’s in to see if you were still paying attention. The breadman, iceman, milkman, vegetable man and dry cleaners all came to you, and so did the doctor and 5 cents would get you across town on a streetcar. Later it was the feeder bus and the trackless trolley and number 16 Noble would get you from downtown to Capitol View and Sylvan Hills. Take yourself there now and your chances of getting cut or shot are about 1 in 3 and, sadly to say, it can happen in Buckhead too. Ah, the good times at the Fox, Lowes Grand, Paramount, Roxy, Rialto, Peachtree Arts and the Rhodes theaters.
      The second part of Georges reflections will appear next Month.
This was sent by Jean Williamson Jessen S.W. 1963
I have loved each copy of the newsletter, and would like to recommend something to all of us--a website I found, called  It has pictures of everything in Atlanta for the last 100 years--if your old house on Catawba Dr. has been for sale, for example, there may be a picture there!
I have, as many of us do, one of those "Grandmother's rememberances" books.  I decided to take mine apart and make it into a scrapbook, with as many pictures of the time I grew up as possible. Of course, family pix are always available, but finding a pix of the Gordon Theater and other on this site has been wonderful.  PLUS--the pix that folks have sent in to you. Now--how about the A&W on Campbellton, or the Fulton Industrial Drive-In?
BTW--does anyone have a picture of Miss Boo, or the OLD Fairgrounds, when there used to be a fair (remember that rickety old roller coaster?) I just think adding piix, even if they don't include me, will make "Grandma's Memories " a bit more interesting!
I remember going every week to the First National Bank in West End with my mom, and the chinese laundrynext door that did my dad's shirts.  Sometimes we stopped at that old drive-in in West End (I'm terrible on names!) for a hot dog.  And the Colonial bread man coming--theyhad the most wonderful cupcakes.  I remember tying up my lunch money in a handkercxhief so I wouldn't lose it on the school bus to Venetian Hills Elementary..  And getting to go to the Gordon Street theater by myself (with friends, of course!!) and watch the old Flash Gordon movies.  Bought my first "straight skirt"--remember, they had kick pleats, and my mom and I had a terrible argument about it being too tight--at Sears, westend. And when we moved to West Manor Circle, thinking that surely had to be the biggest house I ever saw--LOL.
   Went to Graceland last year--it was surprising to me how much it  reminded me of my grandmother's house on Centra Villa--verynice, but certainly not a "mansion". And helping put up her C'mas lights every year--lights on everything!  Then, one night, she and I would ride around tro check out other folk's displays--she hated not seeing anything. "Not even a tacky little ole candle!!" she'd exclaim.  Meanwhile, people lined up in cars down Centra Villa to see her totaly over-the-top display=--aluminum tree, everything pink and silver.Ah, the 50's. Tacky sure did reign!!!
Thanks again, please keep publishing this newsletter, I love it!J Jean    Williamson jessen, Southwest class of 63