October 15, 2008

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The Monthly Newsletter for and about friends

who attended Southside Atlanta schools.

This issue marks the beginning of our
3rd, year of issuing the Newsletter


 A  notice     from        Marilyn
This is the time that we start asking the readers to start thinking of a special CHRISTMAS GREETING to your friends That you might place in the newszletter especioally to all your friends.....we try to make the Christmas issue kind of special each year and you can help. So Put on the thinking cap and help us out with this special issue. 


Shelby Burdette Sylvan class of 1957 requests.

I am from Sylvan's class of '57. Anyone with the program from the 50th reunion? I was out of town, and did not get to attend. Would so appreciate a copy. My addy is
[Email Address Removed]

MY EMAIL ADDRESS IS [Email Address Removed]-

The Brown High community lost a good friend,   Mike Hogan was a friend and a classmate. Mike was simply a nice person and a pleasure to be around.
 Mike will be missed.
Mike Hogan passed away today October  7  after a year long battle with heart disease and diabetes.  and major heart surgery. His ex-wife Marilyn (Dickson) Alexander has asked for prayers for his family, particularly their 2 daughters. Please send this on to any Brown High folks you are in contact with. Marilyn particularly mentioned Lamar Melvin!
We would love it if you would cc us on any messages you send as we have lost all of our Contacts.
Joseph Charles "Charlie" Chambers III Sylvan High School Class of 1959
Died in Panama City Fla. October 1st. 2008
Our thoughts are with Charlies family.
Hello I am Roseann Young,
I am addressing this to Nancy Steadman
I read your story about the Fox Theater and I wanted to say that I have been to the Fox within the last few years and honest to goodness it looks justt the same as when we used to go there on date night back in the 50s, and what memories it brought back, I just walked around and remembered all the wonderful times we had at that theater.
Roseann Young
Sylvan High School

I read a message in the newsletter from Carolyn Peterson (Logan) and I would like to hear from Carolyn, we were neighbors growing up on Atwood St.
  my e mail is  [Email Address Removed] and my name is Bob (Bobby) McCall
  I am Jeanie Manley Bush and I thouroughly enjoyed your Autumn newsletter
Fall was a time that I always enjoyed, it meant that the Southeastern Fair would be coming to town,it meant that aromatic smell of leaves burning in the neighborhood, Fall meant almost perfect weather for our part of the country,
And speaking of Fall leaves,this will always be a part of my wonderful childhood memories anytime I smell burning leaves now.and those wonderful carnivals we had at E.L.Connally our grammar school.
      TThanks for bringing all tthe memories.

Halloween was mine and my sisters favorite time other than Christmas
our parents always allowed us to have a special party for Halloween, we would start thinking of our ideas in August of each year, so it was usually different from year to year,we always had our party just after the school halloween carnival was over.We thought of the most scary  things for our party and it grew in popularitty each year,so our friennds always looked forward to our party also. because our mom always made special treats for our party.  But without a doubt the "haunted house" was always the best part, our dad had a workshop connected to the rear of our garage and we would transform the garage and his workshop into a scary haunted house that was absolutely dark, complete with sticking their hands down into cans of cooked spaghetti worms, peeled grape eyeballs, bats hanging from the ceiling, spider webs that you had to crawl thru, images of Frankenstein that you had to walk around, and each person got to hold the bat that was made from my fathers fur lined glove turned inside out ,and lots of empty tin cans that you bumped into as our guests walked side by side. wet towels hung from the ceiling that you walked right into.
So you can see why this was a fun time to a few 7 to 10  year olds.
The annual reunion and barbeque that we have had at Hudson's on the lake in Douglasville in October is now being moved back to the Varsity by popular demand. Our committee with the input from other varsity regulars have decided that we should make this change.This October reunion will fall back into place with our other Varsity reunions,every 3rd wednesday in every 3rd month (January,April,July, and October). We are probally the only high school around that has a high school reunion every 3 months. This reunion includes a mixture of class years, and friends from other schools. Every one seems to enjoy every minute of these wonderful reunions and we look forward to many more.
Mark your calendars for our next class reunion at the Varsity on October 15th 2008.
Note that we will have the room reserved starting at 1:45 pm. You may want to come early to eat and have more visting time.
Looking forward to seeing each of you in october.
Herb Britt.
Part 2 of If "You Grew Up In Atlanta" By Charles Souther Sylvan H.S.
Boy Scouts Troop 81 in West End ***Nehi Soda & Moon Pies***Red Ryder BB guns*** Sitting at Lakewood Theater where the Kroger was at Stewart-Lakewood shopping CenterWatching the fireworks at Lakewood Fairgrounds***#2 West View Bus to Downtown*** Kresses and McCrory`s stores***Peactree Arcade that was three stories high open and wentFrom Peachtree to Broad Streets***Mammy Shanty`s Restaurant on Peactree Street***P.F.Flyers***Converse Basketball shoes***Nancy Hanks***Duncan Yo-Yo`s***GMA*** VW Bugs with painted ads***Indian Springs walking on Rocks*** Perkerson Park walkingOn rocks in the filthy creek*** Military Induction Center on Ponce De Leon Ave.***Highland Drug Store was only 24 hour store in Atlanta ***Ice Cream Man that came downYour street with music playing and bell ringing***Yellow `65 GTO with 3- two`s, 4 speed, 89/360 horsepower going 140 MPH on I285 at Greenbrier before it opened*** Madras shirtsAnd loops in back for somebody to pull***Sylvan Dial File***Golden Memories Annuals***Paper Drives and KK Donut sales***Old Farmer`s Market on Sylvan Rd. where my parents canned fruits and vegetables***Buster Brown andTighe Shoes in West End at Dan Cohen***Union Hardware skates with skate key***Hopalong Cassidy, Gene Autry, Roy Rogers and The Lone Ranger with Tonto***Dad & Mom Telling you to be home when the streetlights came on***Roebuck Jeans***No Time Outs- When you misbehaved you got a belt on your butt or hickory switches on your legs***Mom Use to paint my throat with mercurochrome when I got sick***Jacob`s Pharmacy on GordonSt*** Ben Hill Park to play baseball***Batting against Buddy Cotton-scary***Vegetable ManComing to your house daily to sell stuff***Pranks_calling people up and asking if the had Prince
Albert in a can, and other stupid stuff***Brownie Flash Camera***A&P Store at Ashby & Gordon St.***Freddie Blassie, Abdula, Bobby Shane***Gray Y football***Ponderosa Steakhouse***77 Sunset Strip***Jack Benny, Red Skelton***Seeing Bob Hope in Vietnam on USO Tour***Beatles at Atlanta Stadium***Waiting in Line all day to get tickets to see Elvis at Omni in `77*** Dairy Queen on Stewart Ave in Hapeville***S&W Cafeteria***Circus Playhouse Pizza & Arcade***Showbiz Pizza & Arcade ***Arrowhead***John A. White Golf Course and the 1st Tee***YMCA ***Dad winning a new Admiral Color TV when First National Bank opened in early 60`s in Stewart-Lakewood Shopping Center***My First car was a 1950 Desoto with am radio and heater***Bonanza Steakhouse***Shakey`s Pizza on Stewart Ave across from Funtown***Lum`s beer hotdogs***WQXI***WPLO***Dragracer Arnie Beswick `64 GTO, SD421 visiting some relatives on E. Deckner in the Capitol View Manor***Atlanta Water Works on Northside Dr***Chadwick`s Florist on Sylvan Rd.***RIP Kim King, great athlete & friend #18***Ringo`s Restaurant***Yellow Jacket on North Ave with Toasted hot dogs***playing baseball at Center Hill near West Fulton High***Little Sambo`s Restaurants The ACLU and NAACP would have a good time with that today seeing Black Sambo on the wall***RIP Tracy Melvin, KIA Vietnam 1967***RIP Donny Hampton, Sylvan QB, UGA QB and NFL referee ***Lighthouse Restaurant***Opal Cars***Reverberator`s on car radios***Rambler & Corvair & Edsels
***White House BBQ on 42***Davis Brothers Restaurants***Vallee`s Restaurant off Cleveland Ave Overlooking I75***Sitting on bank in Perkerson Park watching Charley`s Trading Post & Futo`s Body Play fast pitch softball***Playing sandlot baseball at Perkerson Park ***Atlanta Auto Auction on Stewart
Ave***Playing slow pitch softball game with the prisoners at the Federal Pen-a little nervous***A friend And me making a hundred potholders to sell in the neighborhood for cash***A friend and me going door To door collecting old coke bottles to cash them in at Colonial***Snipe Hunting in the woods off Astor Ave ***Swinging bat in seventh grade hitting teacher in head-accident***Collecting baseball cards*** Watching airplanes on hill overlooking Eastern Airlines hangar***Dad buying insurance out of a machineBefore he boarded airplance for a business trip***Link fighting Sweatman before baseball practice at Sylvan***Bernhardt fighting Gray all over Perkerson Park ***Monk fighting a hood at Sylvan and ended Up at Krystal on Lee St at the end of Sylvan Rd ***Girl fights were the best***Fulton & George HS now Southside HS***O`Keefe High is now owned by GT***Smith High closed a long time ago***Sylvan High is now a middle school***In God We Trust***If you remember some of these memories you areOlder than dirt. I invite you to add your memories to the list while you still can……………..
I so enjoyed your fall newsletter that was pass on to me by Richard Jolly.I grew up in Westend along with all 6 of my siblings(my brothers attended Brown High School) our father owned a photo business in Westend "Bradley and Newell" taking most of school class pictures in Atlanta Area during 1950's -1970's. Westend was a wonderful place to raise a family my Grea Grandparents purchased a house from Joel Chandler Harris 646 Lawton St. I walked to Peeple St School at the age of 9 my parents moved to Cascade Heights and I attended Cascade Elementary. I have been looking for classmates from both Peeples St School (1956 - 1960) Cascade Elementary (1960-1965) Southwest High School glass of 1969. My maiden name isClaudia Bradley I married Marcy Eisenburg  and live in
Fayetteville GA.

 http://z.about.com/d/webclipart/1/0/l/d/pkin006.gif - 6.3 K http://z.about.com/d/webclipart/1/0/l/d/pkin006.gif - 6.3 K
      This  picture is Mrs. Mankin's Fifth grade class at Margaret Fain Elementary 1956-57
Does anyone remember the gym across the street?  We went there for dance classes and other activities.  The clinic was next door where we all got our buster shots free. 
We had a big playground and fields behind the school and we always had a big all day outdoor celebration for May Day!
Terry Kriner Frazier  SWHs.
To Jean Hubbs Cotton, I remember the Wrens Nest where in the 7th grade, I too, danced in a yellow shirt waist dress to the song "Going to Kansas City". Lord help me, but I still remember the steps sort of. My partner was Mike Hepinstall. Mrs. Rucker was my 1st grade teacher and Mr. Fowler was our Principal. I went on to SW in 1965 and would have been in the class of 1970. I graduated early in '69.
I remember going to the old Gordon theater and watching Blue Hawaii with Elvis Presley. I was tall for my age, so I had to stoop down in order to pay the .25 (I think) price. The library across from the theater was the Uncle Remus Library.
What good memories of the good old days. I lived @ 1391 Lockwood Drive and remember the old Arkwright hill. The sidewalk would ice up and my books went sliding down into the parking lot.
Those were the days......
 This Is Part  2 of George Roses Recollection of Living and Growing up in Southwest Atlanta and Sylvan Hills
Each restaurant, scattered around town, had its own personality. Ship Ahoy, Pig and Whistle, Wisteria Gardens, Mammy's Shanty, Crossroads, Frances Virginia Tea Room, The Magnolia Grill, S&W Cafeteria, the Varsity, Leb's, Doby's, Pilgreen's, Joe Wingo's, Joe Cotton's and the Yellow Jacket all claim their place in Atlanta's history. Other dining establishments scattered around south Atlanta included, Chicken Haven, Shady Lawn which later was home to Rio Vista,
This is a picture of what used to be Shady Lawn Drive In  
and then the Rio Vista on Stewart Ave.
Picadilly Inn, Harold's Barbeque, The Dwarf House (Where Chic-Fila was first developed) , Teddy Bear Grill and the J D Ranch Steak House across from The Catus Grill. I'm now beginning to realize most of my early memories involve food. Continuing, there was the Orange Teco place next to the Lowe's Theater where 10 cents would get you a "one of a kind" drink and 15 cents would bring a fabulous chocolate malt. (Blending two cups orange juice with two teaspoons of sugar and four tablespoons of powdered coffee creamer will closely resemble the orange teco. Remember to add a dash of nutmeg on top.)
This Is A picture of Tthe Orange Teaco Ice Cream Shop
Who can forget Planter's, Mister Peanut handing out hot roasted peanuts in the shell. I never understood how he kept them hot while strolling down Peachtree Street; on second thought, I'm not sure I want to know.
The Shriners were always a sight whenever they invaded Atlanta with their National convention. I fondly remember Henry, who sold newspapers on Forsyth Street and am embarrassed by the childish pranks used to torment him. It seems that every teenager in every high school participated at one time or another. I too, am not without guilt. I sincerely hope he found the peace he deserved. Then, there was the town character Francis, who wore jodhpurs, an aviator's cap and leather flight jacket no matter how hot it was.
He rode the buses and seemed to have a map to any state in the Union stuffed in his pockets. I've read where he used to do favors for the Atlanta Journal staff. He was an original piece of work. Big Town pool hall anchored Five Points with a little help from the Kimball House and York's pool hall, with great chili dogs, stood watch over upper Pryor.. Upper Pryor may be a classic contradiction. Let's also not forget Walthour-Hood sporting goods with a freezer full of lunker, largemouth bass waiting to be "stuffed" and John Martin's, sports time radio show.
This was the Walthour Hood Co. (WALCO) Sporting Goods Pryor St.
This is the Atlanta I know and love and this is the place I speak of when asked "where ya from"?
George Rose
Englewood FL
How wonderful to find someone who went to Ragsdale Elementary last week. He shared the newsletter with me this morning and it really brought back some fabulous memories. Please add me to your distribution list. My home email is segersrhonda2@aol.com this is my work and can't get these type emails at this address.
Let me introduce myself: Rhonda E James of Lorenzo Drive. I attended Ragsdale Elementary and Sylvan High Schools. As an Army Brat we (my 4 brothers and I), spent most of our free time on the base at Ft. McPherson riding bikes, aggravating the officers on the golf course, swimming, bowling, movies and at the Teen Club for dances. We moved to Cobb County in 71 which I hated to begin with, since I should have been a SHS BEAR graduate with the class of 74.
Fondest memories of that time period stay with me: Walking to school, even if it snowed.... Oakland City Park, is it even legal to have that type metal sliding board in a pool these days. Swimming until the noon whistle and wishing it could last all day..... Baseball games at Adams Park and Football at John A White Park..... 1st and only bicycle, that included high handle bars and a banana seat from Sears & Roebuck; love of books, Uncle Remus Library.... Safety Patrol meetings, raising the flag at Ragsdale; slinging hamburgers at McDonald's outside the base gate.... Drill Team for the Bears, Girls Volleyball, Sock hops and bonfires at Sylvan High.... Cookies from Nabisco, Bread from Colonial.... Field trips to the Cyclorama, Zoo and the Atlanta Coca Cola Company.... Soldiers drilling in perfect formation and hearing taps to fall asleep by.... Vacations at Lake Alatoona in a tent for the whole week; running barefoot from June until September, skinned knees and elbows and the Man Walking on the Moon.... Riding the city bus to hang with friends from Roosevelt High, I believe "Inky Dudley" spray painted my name on the merry-go-round.... Carrying a Cello to Ragsdale and in the summer to Brown High for extra lessons.... Singing in the Girls Coral Guild, wearing that 1st formal and having a fancy up do. Singing The Age of Aquarius and Scarborough Affair in concert, I can still hear it in my head, my big brother practicing the drum piece while I sang.... My dad signing with the Atlanta Coral Guild during the lighting of the Rich's Tree downtown...... Silver Christmas Tree with rotating color wheel and church on Christmas Eve. Thanks for letting me share.
RJSegers, AVP
Business Development Officer
678.289.2503 (Direct)
Growing Up During Those Special Times and Special Place
Shelby Burdette Malcolm sent this.
Here Is A Nice Letter From Grace Eller Benefield
lived in the West End area for several years when I was a child, in fact I was born on Elbert Street in 1928, and from there we moved to Murphy Avenue close to McCalls Crossing, my dad worked at Willingham Tift Lumber Company. We moved away in 1932 and did not come back until the summer of 1938, when we moved on Stewart Avenue . I attended Adair park school in the 5th and 6th grades,in 1939 my nephew and I stood in our front yard and watched the stars of "Gone With the Wind" ride up Stewart avenue from Candler Field, and we were so excited! The grand opening was in downtown at the Lowes Grand Theater. The Salvation Army Training School was one block down from our house. When I started 7th grade we moved again, this time to Mathews Street to be close to Joe Brown Junior High school . My art teacher in the seventh grade was Miss Israel , and Mrs. McAdams was my English teacher, Mr. Cook taught algebra. In home ec class, the first thing we made was a "gym bag" to carry that ugly gym suit in. I went to West End Presbyterian church, it was located on the corner of Gordon and Ashby streets, and it was a beautiful place. I remember the old "West End Theater" and the "Gordon" also. Uncle Remus’ place was there, and many small shops on Gordon street . One small place I remember was called "Jack’s" and it had lots of discounted merchandise. Woolworth 5 and 10 was there, and many small dress shops, along with Sears, Roebuck that was just across the street from Woolworths. When I was in high school I worked part time at Woolworths, it was during world war 2, and help was scarce,
Many of the women were working in war related fields at that time. I had moved again by that time, out close to Mozley Park , and I rode the streetcar to and from work .
I had many friends in West End , and sure would like to hear from anyone who lived in the area when I did, 1938-1945.
Not long ago, my son took me on a "sentimental journey" back to see the places I had lived, and we made pictures of the houses. 966 Mathews street has been redone and looks great!
One of my friends from West End was Thelma Jo Crawford, she lived on Beecher street , and we spent many happy hours together. I also remember Doris Reeves, Jean Lovelace, Barbara Kavolski, and many more.
Thanks to whom ever started this newsletter, I love it!
Grace Eller Benefield
[Email Address Removed]
pumpkin clip art - 8.5 K

See if you can locate anyone that you know in this 1946 Kindergarden picture at Adair School sent by
Betty Jean Chatham Hester Sylvan 1958
scare05.gif - 6.1 K scare01.gif - 7.0 K 
    Mike McDonald a graduate of Headland High School wanted to share this.
would like to continue to receive your newsletter. I forwarded it to my older and younger sisters. Marie attemded Ragsdale grammar school until 1962, approx., went to Sylvan, where she was a "twirlette." She twirled baton in sync with a bunch of other girls during halftime at Sylvan High football games. Younger sister Margie was only 7 when we moved to East Point, . I have a bunch of group class pictures somewhere. I have a scanner, and I believe my son could help me figure out how to email them . I have not seen any familiar names on the Ragsdale Reunion website, . I was there 1951 (kindegarten) to 1958 (6th grade). Marie had given me a dread of the 7th grade teacher, and I felt like I had a narrow escape. I remember a lot of names: Chuck Gunnell, Ray Quattlebaum, Jeannie Cochran, Stephanie Strand, Tommy Arblater, Barbara Bell, Virginia Pirkle, Betty Jean Maines, Ray Kitchens, Don Smith, Linda Wofford, Dickie Downs. Mrs. Cain, Doroty Rucker. I had a crush on Miss Rouse, but she was never my teacher. Mrs. Ferguson read us The Bears of Blue River in the 5th grade. She also read out of the Bible on a regular basis.

I want to send a big thank you to the people who put this wonderful newsletter together, it just shows that the West End community and all the High schools in our community were a great big mix of many friends from all the Schools in the community, it's so meaningful that the alumni from Brown,Sylvan and Southwest are staying in contact thru this newsletter.I lived on Donnally Ave and attended J.C.Harris Elementary.
Thank You Very Much
Dianna Dobbins Hundley Brown High
An Important message from Gail
Please note that since we started the newsletter
we have never included any commercial advertising
but the message below was something that both Marilyn and myself
thought  might be helpful to a lot of our friends
also was the fact that this man attended Brown High when
I did.

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