February 10, 2009

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 I surely do not like saying this but this just might be the last newsletter that we send out.
       Due to my e mail server putting me down I have only a very few of the e mail addresses that were on file.
       So with only a few people able to see the newsletter it is doubtful that we will have anything to write about.
        So as much as I dislike this I just do not know what to do.
              Thanks For All The Help With This
                 Gail Woodward
                             HAPPY VALENTINES
Notice of the death of Gary Conger Brown High class of 1955
       Gary died Jan.7th, he also attennded Ragsdale school, Oakland City Methodist Church.


Lamartine Garr Brown High 1957.
Lamartine G. Peevy
Lamartine G. Peevy February 12, 1940 - January 12, 2009 
 I know that we have readers who were from College Park and E#ast Point, here is a notice for George Guess who attended Hapeville High school and also lived in East Point 
This is in case there may be readers that grew up in the Hapeville/East Point area.
George Dallas Guess passed away on October 7, 2008 at the age of 75.  Dallas grew up in Hapeville and graduated from Hapeville High School in the early 1950's, when school went to only 11 grades.  He retired from the Bell System in 1987 and moved to Cleveland, GA.  In 2003, he and his wife, Carol, moved to Pensacola, Fl.  He is survived by his wife, daughters Patty Hall and Charlotte Burke and son Mike.  A Memorial Mass was celebrated by Father Thad Rudd at St. Paul The Apostle Catholic Church in Cleveland, Ga., on December 6, 2008.  His ashes are interred at Barrancas National Cemetery on Pensacola Naval Air Station.
TERRELL, Burton BURTON LEROY TERRELL Burton Leroy Terrell passed away January 24, 2009 after a year-long battle with cancer. Mr Terrell graduated from Joseph E. Brown High School in 1950 and the Georgia Institute of Technology in 1953 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering
A special Message from Marilyn
Let's all Keep Richard Fair (Brown 1956) in our thoughts and prayers as he recovers from a severe heart attack last month.
John Cooper Brown High 1957 sent his picture of Mrs. Walls J.C.Harris 4th. grade class --1949

Row 5: Jack Donehoo : Bobby Tidwell : Mrs. Walls : Unknown : Bill Reynolds

Row 4: Bill Wynn : Alan Dean : James McCollum : Bobby Murphy : Bill Clonts

Row 3: Unknown : _ Johnson : Lewis (Steve?) Martin : John Cooper : Sammy Calloway : Unknown : Unknown : Jack Rudasill

Row 2: Tony Hunt : Tommy Clark : Joyce Byrd : Margaret Camp : Carol Wilson : Unknown : Unknown : Unknown

Row 1: Carolyn Lord : Unknown : Myrna Wiggins : Unknown

A new friend Roger Hensley sentt his reflections of growing up in two different areas of Atlanta.
I was born at Crawford Long in 1943. Our family lived on Georgia Avenue next door to Capitol Ave Baptist Church. Our hose sat on the spot currently ocupied by a parking lot just across from the main gate to Turner Field. My grandfather managed the old Empire Movie Theater which was where Turner Field is now. The Georgia Ave area had everything to be self-contained. Austin's Market, also at the site of Turner Field, seemed like the largest grocery store in the world at the time. French's Ice Cream was there along with a barber shops, a hardware store and a cafe.Georgia Ave, Washington St & Pryor St were lined with Victorian style houses though many had seen better days. A back alley ran behind the houses for garbage service and deliveries.
A few years later we moved to Church St in NW Atlanta. It ran between Bankhead Highway and Baker Rd.
Next we moved to 1663 North Ave in Grove Park. I attended Lena H Cox Elementary. I spent every available hour at the Grove Park Gym often getting a whipping for coming home late!
Our neighborhood movie theater was the Grove where admission was 10 cents and the movies were only a few years old when shown there. Every Saturday night they had a late show - usually "Frankenstein", "Wolfman", "Dracula" or the "Mummy". The show usually ended around midnight or later. Many a time I ran home as fast as my legs would carry me imagining that the Wolfman was close behind!
On Sundays as a treat we would usually go to the Glass House Restaurant at the Heart Of Atlanta Motel, Sprayberry's Cafeteria on Peachtree near the Fox or to the Pickrick.For hot dogs we preferred the Yellow Jacket to the Varsity. We also liked Joe Cottons.
As a seventh grader I was a Patrol Boy. A group of us used to ride the bus downtown on Saturday mornings to the movies, usually the Paramount. We especially liked the "magic store" across from the Paramount.
When the Southeastern Fair was in town, my friends and I would ride the bus there and spend the entire day and into the night there. Our parents never feared for our safety! Disney World or Six Flags cannot hold a candle to the joys and mysteries of the Fair! What do they have to equal the freak   show and all the other side shows not to mention the rides?
                  cats           cats
 This months old radio show takes us back to tthe times when we would gather around the old Philco and listen to the Inner Sanctum Mysteries and the  "squeeking Door".
    click here   Island of Death      Go back In Time.
Hello, my name is Donna Pruitt Kimball, I never lived in West End or for that matter anywhere but the area of 2nd. Ave-Flatt Shoals and Glenwood area until I finished High School. But I am married a man who was born and raised in Sylvan Hills and I always enjoy reading the newsletter that he receives.
     But the reason for my letter is that I like to reflect on the areas where I grew up and entertained myself. I remember there was a little tiny grocery store on Flat Shoals operated by a Mr. Puckett, I can picture him right now selling us all the penny candy from his candy counter, I think also of swimming at Glenwood Springs and that cold water that wAs so comfortable in July and August,also swimming at Misty Waters and staying around to watch the older kids dancing, We used to walk to the Gresham Park Pharmacy for ice cream treats as well as cherry Cokes, lime Cokes, and cherry Coke floats.
      I enjoy your newsletter very much and look forward to seeing it each month and hope some more peoplle from my old "stomping grounds would write in because I do forward this newsletter.
       Thank You Sooooo!! Much.

I guess maybe this photo will bring back a lot of memories.
   Does anyone remember the "Hang Out" at Panama City Beach ?
Shirley Stone sent this picture of an "old flame" taken at the "Hang Out".

 From right to left  Top row Lamar Cagle   Leon Woodbury  Billy Cocklan  Clifford Bonds    Jerry Upshaw   Jimmy Jones  Alfred Randle  Robert Dobby Adran Bonner        Next row   Wayman cobbler   Jerome Williams  Harry Tissue   Bonnie Oneadian  Joyce Quaterbaum   Kenneth Millnes  Billy Howard   Charles Bridges   Front row   Barbara McWhorter(me)   Sandra Hickman   Bertha Jones   Jeannette Malson    Peggy Campbell  Jean DeRamous  Marian Carter  June Moss   The picture was Miss Leaper 3rd grade  May 11, 1945.   
I would like to reply to Dian Heard Cole,
 who was talking about the alley behind her house.  We too had an Alley behind our house on S. Gordon St., but it was no longer being used by the garbage trucks. My mother lived in our house when she was growing up and my dad kept the alley behind our house cleaned up all the time and we too had a little Gold Fish Pond in our back yard that my grandfather made when my mother was little and it also had a smaller pond next to it for the tadpoles.  We would have to get into the pond every year and pull the plug to drain the water and then clean the pond out.
My girls would get the Sears catalog and mark the toys that they wanted Santa to bring them.  I would have to say to them that we needed to take the catalog to Santa and show him the items that they did not want, because there were very few item that they did not mark.
You are right Dian about the dime store across from Clyatt's Drug Store and there was also a little Grocery store at the corner across from the Baptist Church.  Use to go in there with a friend and get Ice Cream.
Does anyone remember the Krystal downtown Atlanta, near the Lowe's Theater?  Krystal's sure don't taste like they did then.
We went to Gordon St. Presbyterian Church and the Pastor then was Rev. Griggs. We all sang in the choir.  I have three sisters, Carolyn, myself (Ann), Marie and then Gloria Waddell who was the youngest.  Those were the days.  We also went to J C Harris and the to Brown High School.  I graduated with the class of '63.
My e-mail is [Email Address Removed]  I went through school being called by my first name Beverly and then after graduation started going by my middle name Ann.  Happy New Year to All 
To Rev. Richard P. Williams,
I too, was a member of Cascade Baptist Church.  I have pics of my Grandfather and Father  being baptized there. I can remember walking up the steps to my Sunday school class, especially,when they stated on the radio that Marilyn Monroe had died. Why does that stick in my head?
There are great memories of that church and the pastor Rev.George Hulsey and his daughter Cheryl, who was in my Sunday school class. I remember a prayer we always said at the end of Sunday school: "May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in thy sight, Amen." I still pray that prayer today!
Rev. Willaims thanks for those memories.
Jan Whelchel Richardson
1391 Lockwood Drive
Atlanta, Georgia 30011   [My old address in good old SW Atlanta.]
My cousin always forwards the West Ender to me when she receives it. I enjoy it so!
Please sign me up to receive the West Ender Newsletter. jjrawlins-71@bellsouth.net.
I grew up in Southwest Atlanta in a family of 5 children and 6 cousins that lived next door on Derry Ave. We grew up as one big family and most of us attended Brown High School. The Bakers: (David, Mike, Jerry Marie (me), Ruth, and Pat. The Hords: Sue, Hap, Steve, Kathy, Kim & Shelly. 
I graduated in 1965 and would love to hear from some of the people in my class and in the old neighborhood. I would also like to find out about some of the teachers that taught at Brown during the early and mid 60's, Mrs Coker, especially, was such a sweet lady. It was so much fun to learn French in her class.  
We had a wonderful, carefree youth. We were happy, safe and, even though we did not have much as far as material "things", we never knew it. We played outside all day and rode our bikes from morning to night all over the surrounding neighborhoods without a care. We had good solid home lives, where mothers were mostly at home. We went to church, knew right from wrong and there was no question that going to school and getting an education was our biggest responsibility. There were very few dropouts in those days.
I spent a lot of Saturdays at the Gordon Theater with my friends, seeing the same movie over & over all day long if it was a good one. Back then, as a Catholic family, we could only see movies that were OK'd by the church. The printed list hung in our pantry and no one went to the show until the list was checked.
Bandstand was our after school special program once we got a tiny little black & white TV. The screen was probably no bigger than 8" or 9".
I remember Miss Georgia milk shakes, Joe Cotton's, the Wren's Nest, the Varsity, all the wonderful experiences of West End.
We walked everywhere we went. I'd meet one of my best friends half way from her house to mine and we would walk back to one of our houses gabbing all the way about the newest record or boys.
Thanks for letting me share. Reading the West Ender always brings back such great memories.
Jerry Marie Baker Rawlins
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  Dolores Neely sent in her E.L.Connally Kimfrtgarden picture. May 1945
Kindergarten May 24, 1945
1st row                                       3rd row
Gale Cauley                             Lindsey Smith
Unknown ??                             David Berkhan
Linda Seagraves                          Anthony Price
Dan Honea                                  Bobby Hardwick
Grant Card                                   Don Hoover
Barbara Gresham                        Robert Brown
Millie Holland                             Christine Forrest
Unknown ??                             Wayne Yarbrough
David Stovall                               Jan Lambert
2nd row                                        4th row
Connie Smith                              Ann Robinson
Harry Stephens                           Jack Johnson
Buddy Brown                               Dolores Banda
Sara Patrick                                 Michael Patron
George Snead                              Dick Carlson
Billy Davis                                    Bill McGonigal
George Costner                            Larry Quarterbaum
Diane Clay                                   Unknown ??