February 17, 2009

Note: A letter like this should have been received by all people who subscribe to the WestEnder Newsletter. If you previously received the newsletter and didn't receive this message, please contact westendernewsletter@westender-friends.com.

Dear Friends
It seems that our e-mail problems are on the way to being resolved, at least for now.
       I have been working for days and my sister has worked over the weekend  to import literally hundreds and hundreds of e-mail addresses that you all have been sending us. And I am still
 overwhelmed and happy that so many have answered the call for your newsletter.
     Please bear with me as   I am quite sure that many of you are going to receive two of this very message.  This comes because of the numbers of addresses involved here, so please bear with me.
        You will notice that I have abondoned  THE OTHER  familiar e-mail servers and have begun using my own domain and domain name.
  So bottom line is if you received this message your name is on the-mailing list.
                    Thanks again
       From both Marilyn and myself
         For your wonderful tolerance.