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Information and Services Requests Form

Text Updated 02/15/2008

This form serves four purposes: To collect contact/address information, (All information, except for Email Address, is strictly voluntary), for purposes of better being able to keep in touch with all of Brown High's alumni; to make a request to be put onto a Class or special Group Mailing List; to request a free email address or; to request registration for the Forum. (This website was published in the WestEnder Newsletter, and if enough attendees of other schools register here, and they request it, the website itself will be expanded to include them, as well as adding their Mailing Lists.)

Clicking a Blue title will bring up an explanation page for the particular subject in a new tab or window. Close the tab or window to return to this page. The entire page of explanations may be seen by clicking here.

Check the Alphabetic Contact Names list to see if you are in our database. Click here. Close new window or tab to return to this page.

For any other request or question not shown on this list, email request to

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